Your household air conditioning system typically does a great job of not only cooling the house but ridding it of excess moisture. But when the system is not running, it’s not dehumidifying. Plus, in some parts of the country, summer heat also means excessive summer humidity. A dehumidifier can make a huge difference in the comfort level of your home during these times.

We have dehumidifiers for sale that treat small spaces, an entire house or somewhere in between. We’re also your choice for industrial and commercial dehumidifiers.

Portable Dehumidifiers

You might keep it one place the whole time, but it’s nice to know you can easily move one of our portable dehumidifiers from room to room. They’re small but powerful, lightweight, fitted with wheels, easy to use and remarkable in performance. These are best for basements, small apartments, crawl spaces, laundry areas and anywhere that needs a bit of help eliminating moisture.

Industrial Dehumidifiers

Don’t assume that the term “industrial” means big and chunky. carries trim, streamlined Perfect Aire dehumidifiers for all applications, and no matter what capacity you need, these efficient machines deliver comfort without bulk, and without exorbitant cost.

Whole House Dehumidifiers

Give your central AC system a helping hand during high humidity months. Whole house dehumidifiers provide essential protection against excess moisture, help fight back against mold development and even make the air easier to breathe.

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