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ACiQ 4 Ton 16 SEER High Efficiency Central Heat Pump | Inverter | Extreme Heat​







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Inverter condenser - Inverter technology changes AC power to DC, allowing the compressor inside your condenser to speed up and slow down. This allows the system to self-adjust BTU output based on demand. As the weather changes, so will your system output.

Learning system - This system is packed with sensors and controls air temperature inside and outside, system performance, duct pressure, refrigerant temperature. The first time you start your system it enters a learning mode keeping air moving across the sensors and storing information so future startups and run cycles will be at max efficiency.

Size for heat - The self-adjusting inverter design allows you to size your system based on heat demand. With standard heat pumps, sizing for heat can mean a muggy house during summer. The ACiQ Next Gen 4-ton heat pump system automatically adjusts to run like a 3-ton, 2-ton or a 1.5-ton to keep you cool and dry

Extreme Heat Technology - Extreme Heat means extended temperature range heating all the way down to -22°F. Traditional heat pumps don't make significant heat below about 30°F outside temperature, below that, they rely on expensive backup electric heat. The ACiQ Next Gen with Extreme Heat uses the inverter to vary the refrigerant flow, allowing for maximum heat extraction during extreme cold temperatures. The backup electric heat supplements the heat pump, and only takes over below -22°F. The heat pump gives 100% at 0°F, and still gives 80% at -22°F, saving you up to 75% on cold weather heating bills.


  • Intelligent comfort at an affordable cost
  • 48,000 BTU, 15.6 SEER2 heat pump system for use with ductwork
  • Efficient cooling from 5°F to 122°F outdoor temperatures
  • Efficient heating from -22°F to 75°F outdoor temperatures
  • Durable Gold Fin condenser coil coating
  • Quiet operation at even the highest workloads

48,000 BTU, 15.6 SEER2

    With an efficiency rating of 16 SEER2, the variable output ACiQ-48-HPB will keep you comfortable across a wide range of conditions. Use our handy size calculator Here to determine the demand for your home. For cooling, this system can operate anywhere from 12,000 BTU to 48,000 BTU without short cycling. For heating, this system is capable of 38,400 BTU at -22°F all the way up to 63,744 BTU at 50°F. This increased range means it fits more possible applications.

    Please note that this condenser requires an ACiQ unitary ducted air handler to function, if not already included in the bundle on this page, along with line sets and other installation accessories available at an additional cost in the Accessories section of this page. It is recommended to have a professional install this system because it is not compatible with pre-charged line sets or other DIY equipment.

    Extreme Heat Base Pan Heater Technology

    Each ACiQ condenser has integrated Extreme Heat technology to maximize heat performance in extreme cold weather. Extended heat pump performance (HyperHeat) harnesses the power of inverter condenser with outdoor temp sensing, variable refrigerant flow and variable condenser fan speed to maximize heat extraction all the way down to -22°F. Plus, every Extreme Heat ACiQ condenser includes a base pan heater to keep ice from collecting on the condenser coil during heat pump operation.

    ACIQ IntelliHeat Base Pan Heater TechnologyACIQ IntelliHeat Base Pan Heater Technology

    ACIQ Quality ConstructionACIQ Quality Construction

    Quality Construction

    State-of-the-Art manufacturing is behind every ACiQ product, resulting in quiet, effective operation over a long service life. Most models have low ambient heating and cooling.

    Highest Efficiency

    ACiQ saves you money up front, but also over time by reducing energy bills. Every ACiQ condenser features a variable inverter twin rotary compressor, lowering wear and increasing performance. Compare specs against other brands in the same price category, and you will agree, ACiQ is the best value.

    ACIQ Highest Efficiency CompressorACIQ Highest Efficiency Compressor

    ACIQ Longer life, longer warrantyACIQ Longer life, longer warranty

    Longer life, longer warranty

    Intelligent design goes into every element of ACiQ’s manufacturing ensuring flawless performance for years. Low friction, variable inverter twin rotary compressors give bulletproof reliability. Register equipment at to extend warranty protection to 7 years parts, 12 years compressor.

Product Specifications

More Information
ACiQ 4 Ton 16 SEER High Efficiency Central Heat Pump | Inverter | Extreme Heat​
Refrigerant Charge25'
Weight (in lbs)248.900000
AHRI Certificate Number208106637
Cooling BTU47000 BTU
Heating BTU50000 BTU
Maximum CFM4412
Decibel Level (dBA)64
Electric HeatHeat Pump
Energy StarYes
SEER1 (Efficiency)16
SEER2 (Efficiency)15.6
Compressor TypeRotary
Liquid Line3/8"
Suction Line3/4"
Electrical208/230V 1 Phase 60 Hz
Max Breaker Size50 Amps
Min. Breaker Size42 Amps
Tonnage4 Ton
BTU/Tonnage48,000 BTU/4 Ton
Mini-Split TypeMulti-Positional
Min/Max Outdoor Temp for Heating -22~75
Min/Max Outdoor Temp for Cooling 5~122
Zone CompatibilitySingle Zone
Ambient Temperature Range -22~122
Warranty12 year compressor, 7 year parts with online registration
Resources You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents.
Safety InformationPROPOSITION 65 WARNING

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Who makes ACiQ?
ACiQ is made by one of the largest HVAC manufacturers in the world. With 150,000 employees in over 195 countries, their products improve the lives of millions of people around the globe. Their manufacturing is state of the art, with robotic assembly and computer assisted quality control. ACiQ has an extremely low rate of warranty return. With the features, performance and price it's the best value you can get on a mini split.
Is ACiQ better than Mitsubishi?
Mitsubishi makes great equipment, certainly. They were first to sell mini splits in the US, and they have a solid reputation. Yet ACiQ has higher SEER ratings, longer warranty, and extreme weather performance all the way down to -22! You can spend more on a mini split, but you can't get better value.
Who owns ACiQ?
1HVAC Energy is part of a family of companies with 80 years in the industry and a long reputation of putting customers first. They own ACiQ as well as a number of other quality brands.
Who will service it if something goes wrong?
You get lifetime phone support with every ACiQ mini split. Many problems can be handled by our experts without having to call in a serviceperson. If you need a serviceperson, ACiQ shares a manufacturer with Carrier mini splits. This means that highly trained technicians across the country are very familiar with these units.
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