Horizontal Discharge Air Conditioners

Don’t let tight outdoor spaces keep you from providing central air conditioning to your home. With a side discharge horizontal air conditioner, you can easily place the condenser unit a mere six inches from the side of your house. Most of our units measure just over three feet wide, less than three feet tall and barely over a foot thick.

Our AirQuest by Carrier side discharge air conditioner horizontal AC units are a perfect choice for zero lot line homes, older neighborhoods with close housing, downtown businesses, and closely-spaced apartments and duplexes. You might even consider a horizontal discharge air conditioner if you have nicely landscaped flower beds and don’t want a large AC unit breaking up the scenery. These units run quietly and are powerful and energy efficient.

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Despite the compact size of these horizontal discharge air conditioners, their capacity is nothing short of amazing. Our units range from 2.0-ton to 5.0-ton, and operate at 14 SEER, which will shorten the run time thereby saving you money on energy bills.

When pairing this with an indoor air handler and evaporator coil (required), make certain that the capacity of the air handler is equal to or higher than the condenser unit outside. This maintains the efficiency of the unit and ensures a long life for all components.

With these units, compact size doesn’t mean compromised capacity or quality. In fact, you can make a large home comfortable for all with a 4 or 5-ton AC unit, and scarcely even notice the outside component.

AirQuest offers a 10-year parts warranty on its condensers. For complete product information, contact our customer service team.

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