R22 AC Unit Replacements

An R22 AC replacement is the easiest, most affordable way to update your current split system to be more efficient and environmentally friendly and adhere to current regulations. By replacing your old R22 unit with a new R-421A unit, you can keep your indoor units instead of buying an entirely new system.

HVACDirect.com has wholesale pricing and fast shipping on R22 AC condenser replacement units for homeowners. Our Choice Refrigerants R22 replacement air conditioners are high-quality units that cost hundreds of dollars less here than buying from installers. We also offer free shipping and daily coupons for additional savings.

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Each of these condensers uses R-421A refrigerant to power your cooling system. What is R-421A? It’s a unique, non-ozone depleting, long-term replacement for R22 refrigerant. This eco-friendly green refrigerant does not contain harmful hydrocarbons such as butane, isopentane or isobutene. It replaces R22 without unit modification and no change of oil. R-421A can be used in all compressors designed for R22 with mineral, AB or POE oils.

Furthermore, this refrigerant is comparable to the R22 performance temperature range. At the same time, R-421 is safe; it is non-flammable and rated A1 by ASHRAE (the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers). As the only 2-component blend to replace R22, it’s usable in a wide variety of applications and in many split AC systems.

Our R-421A air conditioner units use roughly the same pressure as R22, allowing you to keep your indoor units. All of the R22 in your current system will need to be re-claimed and your system will need to be charged with the new R-421A. By doing so, you can keep your existing coil, air handler, line set and other indoor equipment. Since you only have to change the condenser, an R22 AC unit replacement is the most budget-friendly, least-invasive option for improving air conditioner safety.

We offer an assortment of R22 replacement A/C systems at HVACDirect.com to suit your home size and living situation. You can get a 1.5-ton replacement condenser for a small northern home or condo, an R22 3-ton condenser for a mid-size Atlantic or Midwest home and even 5-ton R-R21A units for a Southeast family house. Each condenser has a minimum SEER rating of 14 for efficient operation. Choice Refrigerants air conditioners are also backed by a five-year parts warranty.

Call toll-free or use instant chat to speak with an expert if you have questions about our R22 replacement condensing units. Our phones are staffed 7:00am to 10:00pm Monday through Friday with Saturday hours as well to provide knowledgeable answers.

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