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R410A Air Conditioner Condensers for Split Systems

Make sure your air conditioner is running as efficiently as possible by getting an R410A replacement AC condenser unit. R410 refrigerant, sometimes called “Puron”, is used in most new air conditioners.

At, we have the best AC units for house, condo, mobile home and apartment installations. Shop our selection of R410A air conditioners at wholesale prices. You’ll save up front and on your energy bills thanks to their high-efficiency operation.

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Since the mid-2010s, R410A refrigerant has been the standard for A/C systems in the U.S., Europe and Japan. This hydrofluorocarbon was first developed in 1991 as a safer, more effective alternative to R22 refrigerant, which was discontinued in 2010. It doesn’t hurt the ozone layer like R22 does, and it’s better at absorbing and releasing heat so the compressor runs cooler. R410A also can work at higher pressures, meaning your A/C can handle more stress.

Our R410A condensers can replace a current A/C or an older R22 unit. For these older systems, a technician will need to completely reclaim all the R22, change the oil and then recharge the system. Note that R410A is a higher pressure system, so you will need to make sure your indoor equipment can handle these pressures before proceeding.

Homeowners can order an AirQuest by Carrier AC condenser or Goodman condenser unit from designed for R410A refrigerant. We offer a Goodman 2-ton AC condenser, a Goodman 3-ton AC condenser and many other sizes for different homes and climates. Our two-stage R410A air conditioners and units with higher SEER ratings offer more powerful and efficient cooling for hotter environments. Watch our informational videos to learn more about each of these features and how they affect your purchasing decision.

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