Two-Stage Air Conditioners & Variable-Speed AC Systems

A two-stage or variable-speed air conditioner is the most efficient way to keep your home cool in the Southeast and other warmer regions. Using a two-stage AC system keeps rooms at a more consistent, more comfortable temperature than a single-stage condenser while requiring less electricity to operate.

Order a replacement multi-speed AC unit or upgrade your current system from our large selection. We keep your two-stage air conditioner price down with wholesale pricing, fast shipping and daily coupons on leading HVAC brands.

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Many customers have asked us about a single-stage vs. two-stage air conditioner. While a single-stage compressor runs 100% at the same output whenever it’s on, a two-stage or variable-speed compressor has multiple outputs. The compressor usually runs at the lower output and automatically switches to a higher output on extra-hot days. As a result, you use less energy and don’t have on-off cycling. The humidity is reduced too, making for a more comfortable environment.

So, is a two-stage air conditioner worth it? It depends largely on where you love. For those who live in the hotter climates of the Southeast, Southwest and lower Midwest, the increased long-term efficiency and comfort will make up for the larger initial cost. If you’re located in a colder area, however, you may not use the AC enough to justify choosing it over a single-stage condenser

We sell AirQuest by Carrier and Goodman two-stage air conditioners to increase comfort and lower costs. A 2-stage or variable speed 16 SEER air conditioner unit is significantly more efficient than the standard 13 or 14 SEER of single-stage units. Whether you need a 4-ton two-stage air conditioner for a large family home or a 2-ton AC for a condo, can help you find it.

Want to know more about how these air conditioners can help keep you cool? Our Single-Stage vs. Two-Stage Condenser guide has more about the benefits of multiple stages. You can also call our experts toll-free or use instant chat Monday through Saturday. We have certified HVAC technicians on staff who can answer all your questions.

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