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What is an air handler? Air handlers usually consist of a large metal box that combines an electric heat strip, blower, and an evaporator coil. That's not all; also included in most air handlers are filter racks or a filter chamber.

Have questions about your air handler in the attic? Need filters for your air handler? Want to buy from the best brands in the industry? We sell AirQuest by Carrier air handlers and Goodman air handlers that are known for their reliable and efficient endurance. We carry 1.5 ton air handlers, 2 ton air handlers, 5 ton air handlers, and so much more. If you need an air handler and condenser you've found the right place.


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We carry multi-positional air handlers, single piece air handlers, and wall mounted air handlers. We sell air handlers from brands like Airquest by Carrier and Goodman AC but we're also very familiar with the other top brands. If you need help with choosing your system or advice in choosing accessories for your AC; be sure to contact us and one of our friendly customer service managers will help you make the smart choice in buying your next air conditioner.

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