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Built-in Grills

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Take a look at our top selling grill island accessories carries durable, weather resistant BBQ grills. Coyote, Aspire, Summerset, and Blaze Grills are just a few brands in stock and ready to ship. With over 100 options, from 1 burner – 8 burners and multiple fuel types including charcoal, propane, and natural gas built-in grills.

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FAQ's for Built-in Grills

How do I choose a built-in grill?

There are 3 tips you should keep in mind when purchasing a built-in grill for your outdoor kitchen.

  • Choose a brand you trust
  • Know your size. Decide how much room you need when cooking or the dimensions of your outdoor kitchen.
  • Fuel Type: Propane, natural gas, or charcoal
  • Are built in grills standard sizes?

    Built-in grills come in various sizes. You should choose the grill that fits for how many people you plan on feeding or how much food you plan on cooking. The “standard” size for built-in grills is more of a range. However, carries grills from 24 inches – 42 inches

    Built-in Grill Size Chart

    Size Dimensions 
    Small 0 - 26 Inches 
    Medium  27 - 33 Inches 
    Large  34 - 42 Inches

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