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Daikin 3 Zone Mini-Split Systems

Daikin Tri Zone Break free from a traditional AC system with a Daikin 3 zone mini split system that creates three independent zones for quality climate control. A Daikin multi zone system includes a single condenser/compressor unit outside and two or more air handlers inside. No ductwork is needed.

Daikin is the No. 1 HVAC manufacturer in the world and we have confidence that your Daikin ductless mini split system will operate effectively, efficiently, and nearly perfect for years to come. You can also be assured that when you order from us, you get wholesale pricing, free shipping, and fast order processing.


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We have mixed and matched hundreds of Daikin mini split air conditioner systems with components that work as a team to bring unprecedented comfort and control. For example, a tri zone Daikin mini split heat pump can help you bring three rooms – or zones – under your control. Each zone does not have to operate in lock step with the others, making for the most versatile air conditioning system you can employ. The only connection between indoors and outdoors is a set of refrigerant lines that pass through a three-inch hole in the exterior wall.

The benefits of the Daikin mini split AC system displays itself with the independent control of multiple zones, while the ease of installation saves homeowners before the first energy bill even arrives. Ductwork is not needed, whether it’s already in place or would otherwise have to be constructed.

These Daikin mini split multi zone systems use powerful air handlers with built-in evaporator coils to draw heat from their zones and expel it to the atmosphere. If you choose a system with a heat pump, the process is reversed in the winter heating season, and the heat is extracted from the atmosphere and delivered to the interior of the house. Air handlers come in a variety of styles and mounting options, including ceiling cassettes, concealed duct, floor mounted, and wall mounted.

The filter on the left represents the BTU capacities of each air handler in the system times 1,000. For example, 7+9+15 means you get one air handler rated at 7,000 BTUs, one air handler rated at 9,000 BTUs and one at 15,000 BTUs. This combination would be appropriate for a small room, a medium size room and a medium-to-large sized room.

We are proud to carry the Daikin line, dedicated to innovations, energy conservation, and value to the customer. In addition to our pricing schedule and other perks of buying, we have the best customer service team in the business. Contact us if you have any questions, need advice, or need assistance through the ordering process. has over 8,000 verified customer reviews at an average of 4.8 stars out of 5.

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