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Heat pumps can be the perfect solution for slashing your utility bills and when you shop the Goodman heat pump sale online at, you’ll discover heat pump condensers of the highest quality at low prices.

We offer a large selection of heat pump systems at prices you're going to have to see to believe. You’ll also discover a wide selection here. Whether you’re in the market for a Goodman 2.5-ton heat pump, a 5-ton pump or another size, you can find it here — and we’ll get it to you with fast, free shipping.


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Goodman has become one of the largest manufacturers of residential heat pump condenser units in the U.S. Their A/C systems with heat pumps are great for homes in the Southeast because this region only sees temperatures plummet during a few weeks of the year. (If you live in one of the northern states, you're going to want to consider a Dual-Fuel Heat Pump System or talk to one of our techs about backup heating options.)

Buying a standalone Goodman heat pump condenser is a cost-effective way to fix your current split system if the air handler is still working properly. While some minor heat pump issues can be repaired, simply getting a replacement may be the better option if the price tag for a repair is high. You may also want to get a new condenser if you’ve moved to a new region that requires a more powerful or more efficient unit. If you need a full system, check out our selection of Goodman Heat Pump Systems.

Browse this page to find heat pump condensers for homes of all sizes. Use the compare tool to look at Goodman heat pump model numbers side-by-side and determine which one best suits your needs. Still can’t decide or have questions? Our dedicated customer staff is here to help. Call us toll-free or instant-chat with us for honest advice.

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