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Mitsubishi 4 Zone Mini Split Systems


Mitsubishi’s 4 zone air conditioner and heat pump systems provide combined heating and cooling for 4 areas of your home.

Customize your system: Use the Shop-By filters at left to choose between wall or ceiling air handlers with the right combination of BTUs needed for each room.


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Filter Results is the ideal source for Mitsubishi mini split systems. Not only do we have a formidable supply of Mitsubishi mini split systems on hand, we also have the expertise to assemble the combination of products that best serves our customers’ needs.

The advantages of a Mitsubishi mini split system are many, but the main two are (1) ease and low cost of installation and (2) complete climate control for each zone. When you order a mini split system from you get the latest in product innovation and the best customer service anywhere.

The idea of a four zone mini split system sounds complex, but it’s really quite simple. There are four air handlers, installed in four rooms (zones), each equipped with its own thermostat, meaning each room can be set at its own preferred temperature. The air handlers are linked to a single outdoor condenser, not through ductwork, as with a conventional AC system, but via refrigerant lines that pass through a small hole in the outer wall of the house.

A four zone mini split system can cool or heat an entire house - something not even considered when the mini split concept was first introduced in the 1970s. Thanks to innovators like Mitsubishi and their continued effort to find new solutions for heating and air needs, the mini split system is now a stand-alone alternative to conventional HVAC applications.

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