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Perfect Aire 2 Zone Mini Splits

Bring climate perfection to two rooms or areas of your home or business with a Perfect Aire dual zone mini split system. You get two air handlers, two sets of evaporator coils and two thermostats, all served by a single condenser. A two-zone mini split system is ideal for new additions, remodels or for rooms that simply need their own climate control.

We have the best online prices for Perfect Aire two zone mini splits and they all SHIP FREE! You’ll save on energy costs, as well, since our dual zone systems have SEER ratings between 21 and 23, which means efficient operation with shorter run times and less energy usage.

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The Perfect Aire mini split AC systems are completely independent of each other and independent of any existing HVAC equipment, and they install without needing to be connected to any ductwork. With a traditional air conditioning system, the warm or cold air is distributed via ductwork. With a ductless two zone mini split system, the work of air movement goes to the air handlers in each room.

With dual zone heat pumps, the mini split systems can provide year-round comfort. Heat pumps are not a separate component, but a valve and associated hardware that reverses the heat extraction process. In the summer, the evaporator coils absorb heat inside the house and expel it to the outside. In the winter, the system reverses, and the condenser coils extract heat from the atmosphere and send it indoors.

There’s more to it than that, of course, but the essential science of the process has been shown to be very effective in providing year-round climate control.

The air handlers available on our mini split system are of different types and styles, each with its own set of advantages. Those include:

The air handlers come in BTU ratings from 9,000 BTUs to 18,000 BTUs. The minimum amount of BTUs needed to provide climate control to a room is 6,000, but that’s just the base amount. Large room size, vaulted ceilings, big windows and other factors push the BTU requirement up.

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