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Perfect Aire Quad Zone Mini Splits

High quality heating and cooling at low wholesale prices.

Perfect Air’s four zone mini split system, also known as a quad zone mini split system, gives you complete, independent climate control in four rooms (zones) of your home.

In addition to cooling, you’ll energy-efficient heating from each of these ductless mini split heat pump system. By covering four rooms basically they replace your existing central air system. Save more since all of our Perfect Aire mini split systems ship free.

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  1. Perfect Aire 36,000 BTU 22.5 SEER Quad Zone Heat Pump System 9+9+9+12 - Concealed Duct
    36,000 BTU 22.5 SEER Perfect Aire Quad Zone Heat Pump System 9+9+9+12 - Concealed Duct
    Model: 2PAMSH36-MZO4 / 3-2PAMSDH09 / 2PAMSDH12
    Special Price $4,878.97
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A quad zone mini split system includes a single outdoor unit (the condenser) and four indoor units (air handlers with evaporator coils). The condenser and air handlers each have BTU ratings (British Thermal Units). The more BTUs, the bigger the area they can serve. Our systems are matched for compatibility and energy efficiency, but that doesn’t mean the BTU capacities are identical across all components.

In fact, the best efficiency is achieved when the combined BTUs of the air handlers is slightly greater than the BTU capacity of the condenser outside.

For sizing your Perfect Aire four zone mini split system, refer to the chart on the left with numbers separated by addition signs (9+9+9+12, etc.). Each of those numbers represents an air handler and the value of the number represents its BTU capacity (x 1000). For instance 9+9+9+12 means the system has four air handlers, three of which are rated at 9,000 BTUs, and one rated at 12,000 BTUs.

The base amount of BTUs needed for a single zone (usually one room, but adjacent areas can be included in the same zone) is 6,000 BTUs. But that’s the base amount. Things like large rooms, vaulted ceilings, open areas (like wet bars and pass-throughs), poor insulation and large windows increase the BTU requirement. It’s not meant to be precise, but don’t go extra “big” on BTUs just to make sure you have ample capacity. Having too big of a system is just as ineffective as having one that’s too small, because humidity control is compromised if the system doesn’t run long enough.

You can order a ductless mini split heat pump system with a variety of different types of air handler. We have them in wall-mounted, floor-mounted, ceiling cassette and concealed duct configurations.

Our customer service representatives can be your best ally when it comes to providing advice, additional information and assistance with the ordering process.

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