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Perfect Aire 3 Zone Mini Splits

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Take charge of your house’s climate control with a 3-zone ductless mini split AC system from Perfect Aire. A 3-zone mini split provides the perfect solution to homes or commercial spaces without ductwork, giving each room its own climate control.

These modern mini split AC systems feature heat pumps for ductless heating and cooling with low wholesale price. Plus, all of our Perfect Aire mini split systems Ship Free!

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A tri zone mini split air conditioner system can be the most profound game-changer you’ll ever install in your home. A single condenser serves three individual air handlers, each with its own thermostat. Each air handler has its own set of evaporator coils, which team up with the condenser coil to form a mini environment that doesn’t need ductwork.

Get started by looking at your indoor environment and deciding how you would divide it into three heating and air zones. For the most part, one room equals a zone, but small, adjacent rooms could be a zone.

As a basic starting point, allow 6,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units) for each zone, and then add BTUs for things like a larger-than-normal amount of square footage, high ceilings, less-than-ideal insulation and large windows.

Now look at the chart on the left. Each number represents a level of BTUs (x1000). As these are 3 zone mini split systems, there are three numbers, one for each zone. For instance, 9+9+12 means this system comes with three air handlers in all, two rated at 9,000 BTUs and one rated at 12,000 BTUs.

The total capacity of these three zones will always be slightly higher than the BTU capacity of the outside condenser. This ensures the utmost in energy efficiency, which will save you money on energy bills over the years.

All our Perfect Aire air conditioner mini split systems come with a heat pump. A heat pump isn’t a separate component, but an added capability that “reverses” the air conditioning process in the winter, extracting heat from the outside atmosphere and delivering it the home’s interior.

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