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  1. TEC Grills 44-Inch Sterling Patio FR Island - STPFR2LPISL/STPFR2NTISL
    TEC Grills 44-Inch Sterling Patio FR Island - STPFR2xxISL
    Model: STPFR2xxISL
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About TEC Grills: TEC Grills introduced infrared grilling, now they have perfected it. TEC Grills released the first infrared grill in 1978. Since then they have made significant improvements to infrared grills. Their ceramic glass heat distribution plates sit directly below the cooking grates. This eliminates 35% of air movement which dries out food. It also creates a completely even temperature across the entire grilling surface. No hot spots, no cold spots, just even cooking. Their grills can reach temperatures of up to 900 degrees within 10 minutes while being able to achieve lower temperatures of 200 degrees for slow cooking. Locking in juices by searing meat creates the best steaks, chops, and burgers.

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