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Commercial Air Conditioners

We carry a wide range of Daikin commercial air conditioners, from basic 3 ton units all the way up to 10 tons. We have two- and three-phase units, in both 230 and 460 volt configurations, and they are all extremely energy efficient. With wholesale pricing and Free Shipping, you’ll be upgrading substantially from your current system and saving money!

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The air conditioner condenser is the heart and soul of any air conditioning split system. The condenser does the work of extracting heat out of the building. Air conditioners do not produce cold air. They remove the heat from the air and what remains is the super-chilled air that rushes out of the registers into the room.

A properly matched industrial HVAC system can deliver comfort to areas of your facility that perhaps never got adequate coverage before. These quality components are designed to work together - in quiet, efficient harmony with one another, regardless of size or type. Getting a good match is crucial.

This is where your customer service rep can be of vital assistance. Each of them knows the science of air conditioning as well as the products that do the work. They can narrow down the options and find just the right system for your needs. Ordering commercial HVAC equipment is made as easy as possible at Not only do we carry Daikin HVAC systems, our customer service experts know the Daikin line extremely well, and they know what questions to ask in order to match the product to the customer’s needs.

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