Wood Burning Fire Pits & Bowls

Add function and style to your outdoor living space with a wood-burning fire pit. Although seemingly simple, our selection of wood fire pits and fire bowls is anything but. Shop our inventory from small 20-inch fire bowls all the way to impressive 70 inch diameter fire pits perfect for lake or beach front properties, large gatherings, and group entertaining. Look for free shipping and low, wholesale prices.

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  • Goldens' Cast Iron 20 Gallon Fire Pit - Small - 13611

    Goldens' Cast Iron 20 Gallon Fire Pit - Small - 13611

    Model: 13611
    Low Price: $750.00
  • Goldens' Cast Iron 30 Gallon Fire Pit - Large - 13584

    Goldens' Cast Iron 30 Gallon Fire Pit - Large - 13584

    Model: 13584
    Low Price: $999.99

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2 Item(s)

The biggest consideration to buying a wood fire pit is size. The colder it is, the more wood you will need to add to a fire, so having a wood fire pit that can accommodate more logs and bigger logs is a benefit.

The bigger the area you want to heat, the bigger the fire pit you will need. Small patios in areas where it doesn’t get cold very often would be well served by one of the smaller, 24-inch bowl-shaped fire pits, made with heavy duty steel. More open areas, like campgrounds or the backyard would need larger fire pits.

Our wood fire pits go all the way up to 72 inches, which would work well at lakefront property, where wood is readily available and offshore breezes add a chill to the air. Designs run from rudimentary to whimsical, but they all have that nostalgic look, feel and smell of a real wood fire.

Call one of our very helpful customer service representatives and let them assist you in finding the right wood fire pit for you.

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