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AirQuest - 3.5 Ton Heat Pump Systems

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Our heat pump systems are matched components. One is the compressor/condenser – sometimes referred to as the “air conditioner” - which sits outside – while the other is the air handler, which is located indoors and services the living areas. They are matched to each other for the ultimate in performance and energy savings.

A heat pump is not an additional component to your AC system, rather it is an additional capability that reverses the air conditioning process during heating season. An air conditioning system doesn’t produce cold air. It extracts heat from the air, and what remains is cold air.

So in the summer, heat is extracted from the interior of the house, expelled to the atmosphere and replaced with cool air. The heat pump system extracts heat from the outside air – even in winter, there is heat in the atmosphere – and distributes it indoors. With a 3.5 ton system, the air displacement is quite impressive, allowing the system to provide climate control to an entire home located in an area where the winters are not extreme.

Just as there are summer days when an AC system is doing all it can do and perhaps falls a bit short of ideal comfort, there are days in the winter where the temperature is too cold for peak efficiency. For these temporary cold snaps, our 3.5 ton heat pump systems include built-in or optional add-on electric heater coils, ranging from 3 kilowatts to 20 kilowatts.

Our heat pumps maintain temperatures effectively and efficiently with technology like multi speed and variable speed blower motors. With blower motors that are not locked in to a single speed, airflow can be better regulated, eliminating chilly drafts and wasted effort.

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