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3 Ton Heat Pump Systems

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A 3 ton heat pump system is also often called a 3 ton heat pump split system, the “split” referring to the air handler and condenser being two separate units, one indoors and one outdoors.

The main components include a condenser/compressor, which sits outside on a slab or suitable roof or platform, and an air handler that sits inside in the basement, attic, closet or utility space. Depending on the space available for an air handler inside the house, you can choose between upflow, downflow or horizontal configuration.

When considering a 3 ton heat pump system, cost is only the beginning of the process. Our wholesale pricing is going to ease a lot of concerns about cost right away, but you also need to think about energy efficiency. Under normal conditions, a 3 ton heat pump will save you significant money on energy over a traditional AC and furnace arrangement.

There are times, especially in more northern climes, when winter goes into a deep freeze and overwhelms a heat pump’s ability to keep up. For those times, our models have either built-in electric coil heaters or the ability to install one as an add-on.

Electric heat kits range from 3 kilowatts to 20 kilowatts. Energy usage goes up when electric coil heaters are in use, but it should be a temporary need that goes away when more normal winter temperatures return.

Drafty breezes coming through the heat registers are a thing of the past with multi speed and variable speed blower motors.

  • A multi speed blower has a speed for cooling and a lower speed for heating. Multi speed blowers are either on or off, with no in-between.
  • A variable speed blower is a step up, with essentially infinite variations between high and low, governed by the temperature of the air being delivered.

Energy is saved and comfort is maintained to a greater level than before with multi speed and variable speed blowers.

For more options, check out all of our residential heat pump systems.

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