Heat Pump Split Systems

In the market for a new heat pump split system? A heat pump split system is very similar to a split AC system in that it has components that are located both inside and out. Most times this means the compressor or condenser are outside; which is perfect because that helps the maintain the optimal flow rate of the unit's refrigerant. The difference between an air conditioning system and a heat pump system is that the heat pump system can provide both cooling and heating from the outdoor condenser where the AC system is cooling only.

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We carry the brands you can trust – Goodman AC & AirQuest by Carrier are some of our top sellers. Looking for something electric? We've got you covered – we've got systems that range from 3 to 25 kilowatts. Browse our inventory and find the perfect system for you. Need a dual fuel heat pump & furnace system? We've got those as well.

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