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For convenient browsing,’s gas log systems are broken down into three very general categories, each with its own set of benefits. Each category includes a wide range of options, and includes two fuel types: natural gas or propane.

Vented Gas Log Insert

As the name implies, a vented gas log is vented through the chimney. It burns just like a real wood log, with a bright yellow flame, and like a real wood log, it produces smoke, which must be vented through an open flue. It’s as close to having a real wood fire as you can get.

Ventless Gas Logs

A vent free gas fireplace insert with logs provides the ambience of a wood log fire, along with the efficiency of gas heat and the energy savings of a closed chimney flue. Installation of ventless gas logs is much simpler than with vented gas log inserts.

Outdoor Gas Logs

Outdoor gas logs enable you to “push” the season a little bit, allowing outdoor activities on the patio later in the fall than would otherwise be feasible. An outdoor gas log set fits in an outdoor fireplace or freestanding stove, and vents through the top. The flame is realistic, and the heat exceeds what a wood-burning fireplace would provide.

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