Best Outdoor Wood Fireplace

The best Outdoor Wood Fireplace this year is the Villawood by Majestic. This fireplace keeps it simple and is a great value. There are very few outdoor wood fireplaces that start out around $1200. Especially fireplaces that are made of stainless steel and designed to be used exclusively outdoors. The Villawood can be installed into a framed cavity which lowers the overall installation costs compared to a masonry fireplace. The Villawood is installed with a 10 ½” outside diameter, 8” inside diameter chimney pipe (See the installation manual for venting requirements).


The Villawood is available in 36” and 42” widths to fit most outdoor living areas. There are options of a standard brick interior or a herringbone brick interior.


  Fireplace glass doors are also an option for the Villawood. Bifold-Doors The material costs for the fireplace and chimney for this fireplace will typically be less than $2000. Install this fireplace into a framed cavity with a non-combustible outdoor fascia and you will save yourself thousands of dollars. Use the extra money saved to invest in an outdoor kitchen, TV, etc..   The low product and installation costs without sacrificing on function or quality is why the Villawood Wood Fireplace is the outdoor wood fireplace to buy this year.
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