Considering a Backyard Fire Pit? Here’s What You Should Know

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Here at HVACDirect, we are your source for the best in gas or propane outdoor fire pit tables. In fact, the Stonefire gas fire pit table by Outdoor Greatroom is one of our top selling units. This sturdy, durable fire pit is easily movable, fits in any outdoor space, and features a convenient matching burner cover for use as a table. With its signature Stonefire composite top and enclosed table, you can easily hide the gas or propane tank from view. Here are some of the features of Outdoor Greatroom’s Stonefire Gas Fire Pit Table:
  • The unit comes with a Stonefire composite top and a Dora Brown powder coated aluminum frame.
  • This outdoor fire pit features a Brown mesh base and can be easily moved into any desired outdoor backyard space.
  • The matching burner cover is included which turns the unit into a table.
  • This product is set up for liquid propane. However, you can convert it for natural gas.
  • 55,000 BTUS
  • The access door hides the standard 20 lb. tank in the base.
  • UL Listed – 16” Stainless Steel Burner.

The Advantages of Outdoor Fire Pits

GasFirePitThere are several benefits of outdoor propane fire pits or gas-based tables. For one, these units are user-friendly, safe and convenient to use. They also blend in with any backyard design, landscaping or décor. Gas fire pits are affordable solutions for your outdoor patio, deck or backyard areas, and you can use either propane or natural gas for all types of Outdoor Greatroom fire pit tables.

There are many fire pit table styles available in the industry such as ceramic outdoor log sets, which showcase a realistic campfire appearance in the propane/natural gas fire pit burner. This allows you to capture the traditional look of a wood-burning firepit, but with gas or liquid propane powering and heating the unit. For cost and energy-efficient heat, here are some benefits of gas fire pits for your home or the outdoor areas of your business:
  • Gas fire pits allow greater customization options.
  • You have access to faux wood, tempered glass, and other durable materials to accentuate and enhance the look of your outdoor gas fire pit.
  • Gas fire tables come in a variety of styles, along with various shapes and size options.
Gas fire pits and tables are also faster to light than wood-burning units making them the ideal choice for chilly winter nights. Most units have push-button ignition switches, which quickly turns on the unit, resulting in cost and energy efficiency along with optimal warmth and coziness. Here are some more benefits of gas propane fire tables over conventional wood-based fire pits:
  • Gas fire pits are perfect for areas that cannot facilitate wood-burning fire pit tables.
  • These UL listed items are safe, convenient and user-friendly for home or business owners.
  • Gas fire pits remove the need for consistently loading wood into the fire for continuous warmth.
  • Fire pits are easier to control without dangerous flying sparks.
  • Gas fire pits run on liquid propane or natural gas for cleaner burning.
  • Firepits are even perfect for loved ones and friends with smoke sensitivities or allergies. While wood-burning logs for pits are attractive, they also emit harmful smoke that is not healthy making propane or gas pits simply the best solution for your family.

Find the Best Outdoor Fire Pits

At, we are proud to showcase the top-rated outdoor fire pits for homes and businesses. The Outdoor Greatroom is a seasoned, reputable company with highly-rated firepit tables. With this in mind, we invite you to visit our fire pit tables’ page to browse these products and accessories as desired. As always, we are here to answer all your product-related questions and concerns. Our highly-dedicated team will also help you select the right gas, propane, or natural firewood pit for your outdoor areas including backyards, patios, decks, and more. For more information on gas fire pits, simply contact us today or visit our website.  
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