Five Tips: Getting Ready for AC Season

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air conditioning Summer is coming soon. Knowing a few steps to get ready before summer fully arrives will help you keep cool.

1. Cleaning and Maintenance

Before you ever turn on your air conditioning, you need to make sure that the unit is clean and free of any debris. This will apply no matter what type of unit you have. If your air conditioner is a larger outdoor AC unit, you will want to make sure that no leaves or sticks have accumulated on or near it. If your AC unit is one that is removed and put into storage, you will want to make sure that nothing has dropped into it or gotten into where the fan spins. You will want to make sure that your ducts are clean if you have them, and that your filter has been changed or washed depending on the type of unit that you have.

2. Everything is in Working Order

You will want to turn on your unit to make sure that everything is working correctly. Watch closely for any sparks or smoke and listen to ensure there are no strange or abnormal sounds coming from the air conditioner. If it makes a labored sound or has any smoke you may need a replacement or a repair.

3. Evaluation of Function

coolingIf you have the AC cleaned appropriately, all the filters are changed, and you have ascertained that the unit is working, you will need to leave it running for a while. After having the air conditioner on for 30 minutes to an hour, you should be able to tell if the unit is cooling the air. You will want to leave the AC on long enough to get a feeling if it needs to be looked at by a repairman to ensure that it can cool your home or room.

4. Assessment of Your Home and What Steps to Take

You need to evaluate the area of your home and how much energy your AC is going to require for cooling. After looking at the BTU per hour (British Thermal Unit) VS wattage used by your machine, you can determine the costs of running this machine and if it is time to update or upgrade to a more energy efficient model.

5. Shopping for a New AC Unit

If you will be looking for a new air conditioner, there are some things you will want to consider when looking to get a new model. Do you need an AC and furnace combo? Will you be cooling your entire home with one unit? What is the area of the space you will be cooling? How much will the new units cost to run? Compare BTU/hour vs. wattage/hour. If the unit face is seen inside, you will want to consider how it looks and if you like the way that it functions. and Your New Air Conditioner

Variable Blower MotorsHere is a list of some of the different types of AC units that offers:
  • Furnace & Air Conditioner Systems
    • Combination units that have both heating and cooling.
  • PTAC Units
    • Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners are units that contain heating and cooling units. You typically see these machines in hotels or hospitals.
April 23, 2019
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