How Much Does it Cost to Install a Gas Furnace?

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If you're considering the various options that you could use to heat your home, we recommend you invest in a gas furnace. These appliances offer numerous benefits over conventional kinds of furnaces that people use to heat their homes. After all, this type of furnace can supply all your home's heating needs, including water and central heating. For those who own the appliance, the need to purchase a new one usually arises when the old furnace fails or when repairs have become too costly or frequent. Fortunately, you can access a broad range of products from our reliable company. If you're thinking of installing one, these factors will guide you when it comes to the cost.


Recommended BTUs for Your FurnaceFurnaces with a higher annual fuel unit efficiency or AFUE are more effective but cost more initially. The more using your furnace needs the faster you'll see a return on investment and you'll have spent less eventually because of the decreased operating costs.

The efficiency of furnaces is based on percentages, with typical systems rated at 80%-implying that 20% of the generated heat undergoes loss through the flue. Newer models have an 89% rating or more with some attaining up to 98% efficiency, leading to lower utility expenses. When buying a furnace heating system, our professionals will advise you accordingly when it comes to efficiency. This way, you'll be in a position to make an informed decision.

The Brand

The brand you choose is up to you and the budget. Once we recognize and understand your circumstance better, we can recommend the brand that suits you best. Bear in mind that high-end brands will increase the replacement cost significantly and aren't always essential for long-term results.

Furnace Location

If the furnace is in a hard to reach spot within your home, the installation process might take longer and consequently increase the cost.

Furnace Features

In some instances, it feels good to pay extra money for additional features, for instance, when purchasing a vehicle. Unlike vehicles, these appliances are utilitarian and paying more for unnecessary features is a waste of cash. If you're working on a restricted budget, we'll take the time to establish what you require when it comes to furnace features. For example, you might not require a two-stage operation, variable speed, and modulating valves. Disregarding features that aren't of help will you save some cash on the installation.

Pitfalls to Avoid When Purchasing a New Gas Furnace

Placing too much emphasis on costs

The most common error you must avoid when purchasing a new furnace is focusing too much on the price. A cheaper unit might appear like a better deal in comparison to an expensive unit. However, in most instances, low cost results in decreased energy efficiency. This implies that whatever amount you save when purchasing a low-cost appliance will be negated because of higher bills in the long term.

Purchasing a unit with a low seer rating

You should never ignore the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER when purchasing a new furnace. This ratio reveals about the efficiency with which the unit heats up the room. Units with a low SEER will lead to considerably more energy costs compared to those with a high rating. Ideally, we recommend you purchase a unit with a rating that's above 17. Avoid purchasing a unit whose rating is below 12, which could be costly in terms of energy costs.

Choosing the Wrong Kind of Fuel

Bear in mind that not every furnace uses a similar heating source. Some use natural gas while others use electricity or propane. Natural gas heating systems are generally the most energy efficient. However, you must install a gas supply line if you wish to use a gas furnace. Therefore, it's imperative you consider this choice before paying for a new unit.

Not Scheduling Maintenance

Maintenance schedules are essential to ensure your unit works without malfunctioning in the middle of winter. It's important you sign up for a yearly maintenance with a trustworthy furnace maintenance and repair company. Regular maintenance helps ensure your system functions without any major issues for an extended period. If you're looking to get in touch with a reliable and experienced furnace installation and repair company, you can contact us. Once you recognize how to buy a furnace, you can then plan on the installation costs. While it might not be possible to identify the exact cost, this guide will prove invaluable.  
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