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Goodbye to Gas Furnaces, Hello to Electric Heat Pumps!

Heat Pump Split System
Last Updated on March 27, 2023

The Heat Pump Revolution

Until just a couple of years ago, there were huge segments of America where the Winter weather simply made using an electric heat pump impossible without a gas furnace as backup for those days and nights when temperatures plunged to zero and below. The leap forward is due to inverter technology, an engineering development that you deserve to know about. A look on YouTube tells us that a million interested folks have gotten the word recently about the inverter technology that changed everything in heat pump application and reliability at temperatures well below zero. That lets us know that millions of homeowners like you are still unaware of the savings, efficiency, and reliability available to them by switching away from gas furnaces to heat pumps.

Read on and let get you up to speed on the new normal in HVAC for many parts of the country.

Heat Pumps have always outperformed traditional HVAC gas furnace & AC systems in two meaningful ways: efficiency and versatility. But all HVAC professionals knew that heat pumps began to lose efficiency and heating power somewhere around 25 degrees Fahrenheit, gradually becoming useless as temperatures approached zero. This led to large parts of the country who really needed or wanted to use electrical power for heating and cooling to put together dual fuel systems, with a gas furnace ready to take over heating duties automatically at a certain temperature. These systems did allow folks to save money, especially those rural customers who were forced to use propane tanks for their gas furnaces, by shortening the number of days gas was needed. We know because we sold thousands of these systems over the years.

To Prepare for Your Switch

Be sure and consider the following factors before switching:

Your electrical hookup

Your furnace may not have needed electricity at all. Ensure that you have the correct hookup for the new system, and always check local code and requirements.


Have a professional clean and service your heat pump a minimum of once each year, typically before Winter. Regular maintenance is critical for efficiency and a long heating & cooling life.

If replacing a gas furnace

based on the traditional HVAC set-up, you also have an air conditioner. Another great reason to choose a heat pump, one unit replaces two.

A Look at The Straight Facts - Heat Pump Vs Gas Furnace

Generating heat

Your gas furnace heats your home by burning gas. Your new heat pump uses a much more efficient engineering method. It draws and absorbs the heat from outside and transfers it inside. How do heat pumps work?


The size of your home or building will dictate the proper sizing for your heat pump. Furnaces can take up a lot of room, they require clearance on all sides for safety reasons. Heat pumps are more compact.


Heat pumps transfer more energy than they use, the reason for their amazing efficiency. Even in cold climates, inverter technology allows heat pumps to outperform gas furnaces.

Installation costs

A gas furnace is typically more expensive to install than a heat pump.

Operating costs

While costs will depend on your system's efficiency and the climate you live in, furnaces tend to cost more to operate than heat pumps because they require a lot of fuel.

Maintenance and life span

You can save on installation and operating costs by choosing a heat pump. It really is just that simple!

Efficiency and Cost

Today’s variable speed inverter technology means that heat pumps are the most efficient and affordable way to heat homes and businesses anywhere on the planet! At we feature several heat pump partner brands that offer advanced engineering technology. Names like ACiQ, Stealth Comfort, Mitsubishi & Polar Wave. When you run a normal air conditioner or furnace, they will cycle between an on and off state. Each may turn on for a length of time, and when the home has been sufficiently cooled or heated, turn off. As the air gradually returns to match the outdoor temperature, they turn back on again. This is akin to always driving your car at 100 mph. Not very efficient, or smart. An inverter-driven variable speed compressor allows your heat pump to operate within the full range between 0 and 100%. It does this by analyzing the temperature and conditions inside the home and then adjusts its output to maximize efficiency and comfort. Because of the design and engineering behind redesigned compressors and coils, as well as wide range variable speed operation, heat pumps can still heat your home, BELOW ZERO, with more than twice the efficiency of gas heating or standard electric heating (such as electric furnaces and baseboard heaters). They’ve been tested and approved as far north as the Arctic Circle and are popular options in very cold countries like Finland and Norway. There are some compelling reasons to make the switch:

Five Big Reasons to Make the Switch

1. You will Heat & Cool with a Single Unit

- You will be using a single electric pump for the next 20 years. Heat pumps effectively cut the costs of traditional HVAC systems in half.

2. Environmental Benefits

- Since they do not use gas or oil and they run on electricity; heat pumps do not produce many of the harmful byproducts that come with burning fossil fuels.

3. Energy Efficiency

- Heat pumps are the most energy efficient option for homeowners everywhere compared to traditional gas furnace and air conditioning systems. You will enjoy reduced utility costs and increased comfort. During the summer months, a heat pump can control high humidity efficiently, while in the winter it can warm up your home more quickly than other options. How does a furnace work?

4. Safety

- Because they do not create heat through burning, heat pumps are safer than gas furnaces. You will avoid: The dangers of delayed ignition, Carbon monoxide poisoning, Gas leaks, Fire hazards, Exhaust leaks.

5. The Unpredictable Seasonal Gas Hikes

- All the costs associated with Winter gas prices, plus the delivery costs and delays of propane, all disappear forever!
Finally, we need to give you a word on costs. Along with quality it is our foundational concern. This is the golden era for homeowners and HVAC professionals alike. offers variable speed inverter technology heat pumps in all tonnages at the absolute lowest prices the industry has ever seen, right now. We are an online marketplace offering all the best names in HVAC directly to the public at wholesale prices. Please call us at Call us at 1-888-718-3665 or click and shop the best deals anywhere all served by our award-winning customer service. We have technical and sales support staff ready to help you select the best heat pump option for your project, in stock & shipping for free.
March 20, 2023
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