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Heat Your Home Next Winter with a Vent Free Gas Fireplace

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There's nothing as soothing or relaxing as a warm fire in the center of your living room. On chilly winter nights, the whole family can enjoy the radiant heat and soft, warm glow of a fireplace. Throughout human history, fire has been a source of comfort and safety. Even as we have evolved and developed new ways to stay warm, nothing has come close to a safe fire in the heart of the home. Fire remains the heating method of choice for millions of people, but the way we make fire has changed significantly over the last century. From standard log burners and pellet fires, to vent free gas fireplaces, the market is full of options. Sometimes, the sheer selection can make it hard to choose. If you want convenience, efficiency, and a natural look, a ventless gas fireplace is often the best option. Look at the advantages of this type of fire today and make the right choice for your home.

Vent Free Gas Fireplaces are More Efficient

Ventless fireplaces release all radiant heat into your home. Rather than losing heat out of the chimney, you get to enjoy it! This keeps your home dryer and more comfortable in the autumn and winter months. It could also help to reduce your heating costs, especially if you are switching from a vented fireplace. How much heat can you expect to get from a vent free gas fireplace? That all depends on the model you choose. We'll use a 20 ft. x 20 ft. living room as an example. In a room of this size with a 10 ft. ceiling and adequate insulation, you'd need just 24,000 BTU to heat the space. Even a small 32" vent free gas fireplace can output up to 32,000 BTU! A larger fireplace could produce 40,000 BTU or even more, allowing you to heat a large open plan living area easily. A standard vented fireplace simply wouldn't be able to provide this kind of heating. It's quite clear that vent free is the way to go if you want reliable and cost-effective gas fireplace heating.

Installation is Much Simpler with a Vent Free System

Efficiency is one thing, but there's more to consider when you make your next investment. If you are retrofitting a fireplace to your home, you'll likely want to keep costs as low as possible. A traditional vented wood burning fireplace would need a venting system and chimney along with extra insulation. You may even need to cut a hole in the wall. All this adds up to a costly and time-consuming installation project. In comparison, you can place a ventless gas fireplace virtually anywhere in your home. Whether it's a family room or even a large bedroom, you have more flexibility when you choose a ventless fireplace.

Vent Free Gas Fireplaces are More Convenient

There's a lot involved with a natural wood fire that people tend to forget about in the summer. From preparing firewood to storing it, using a traditional fireplace can become bothersome. If you don't have a supply of your own firewood, that could also introduce additional cost. Depending on where you live, a wood fireplace could be even more expensive than gas. Additionally, you must think about ongoing maintenance as well. A vented fireplace requires yearly chimney sweeping. When you burn wood, it is vital to have the creosote regularly removed to keep your home safe. There's also dust and ash that can accumulate, so you'll constantly be in a cycle of cleaning out your firebox. None of this is a concern when you use a vent free gas fireplace. Gas is readily available, cost-effective, and it burns clean with almost no residue. Without a chimney, your yearly home maintenance will be a lot easier.

Authentic Gas Fires for a Beautiful Home

Fires bring comfort and a sense of security. You might think that nothing can compare to a natural fire... but, gas fires can. Modern innovations allow for realistic vent free gas fireplaces that are near identical to wood fires but without the mess and the with the benefits of more efficient heating, and better convenience overall. Ventless gas fireplaces have only improved in recent years. Now's the time to check out the options available for your home. Explore a complete range of gas fires at HVACDirect and create a warmer and more comfortable home next winter.    
March 12, 2019
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