Stick Built vs. Manufactured Homes for HVAC Systems

The type of home that you live in could determine the type of HVAC system units that are available to you. Manufactured and modular homes are cost effective and extremely popular in areas that have less access/demand for stick built homes, however, they may not be as customizable as a home that is built on the property from the ground up. This could lead you to make different cooling decisions in terms of the HVAC system units that can be installed. The HVAC system cost may also vary, due to the work that would be involved to get a complete installation.

Modular and Manufactured Homes May be Less Suitable for Fully Ducted Installations

central air conditionerIn modern ducted installations, homeowners often choose to have the HVAC systems ducts installed through interior walls. This is because they then have the option of venting that is flush mounted on the walls. In a stick built home, this is quite easy to achieve, particularly during the construction stage. Ducts can be installed in advance, with ducting sent to every room of the home.

In a modular home, the same kind if flexibility is not offered. In a fully manufactured home, then it can be rare to find a completely ducted system available. Of course, it does depend on the home builder and the state that you live in. Some manufactured homes are ducted before being shipped, so this really does depend on the particular home and the company that built it. Age could also be a factor in this situation. Note that ducting can be installed through ceiling crawl spaces and underfloor when available. Insulated ducting can be highly efficient, even when not installed through a wall. This means that even a manufactured home could be fitted with ducting in most scenarios, for a little extra cost.

Choosing the Best Option for Your Needs

Understanding that there is a challenge of installing ducting, you’ll need to decide on the HVAC system units that work best for your needs. One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t always need a ducted installation.

What is the meaning of BTU?If you live in a smaller home or simply want to cool a living area (such as a dining, kitchen, and lounge area), then you could choose to have mini-split HVAC systems installed. These systems use a small indoor blower unit with the majority of the unit housed outside. The piping that needs to be installed through walls is minimal, and there is no ducting required. These units are highly efficient and it’s possible to run more than one blower from a single outdoor unit. This could give you two completely independent temperature zones in your home.

These units are suitable for modular, manufactured, and stick built homes, and the installation costs will be the lowest of any option. Consider this if you are on a budget and don’t have a large home to cool.

Larger Split Systems for Central Cooling

If you have existing ducting or are willing to pay the costs for ducting installation, then you could go for a larger split unit that has higher cooling potential and the ability to deliver air to every room in the home. The HVAC system cost will be higher when you choose a large split unit, but it could work out better if you have a number of rooms and cooling zones to take care of. Larger stick built homes will generally be more suited to these types of systems.

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May 5, 2018
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