Outdoor Heat Pumps: The Benefits and Choosing the Best Location  

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Are you looking for heat pumps for sale? If so, you’ve truly come to the right place. Here at HVACDirect.com, we are an industry leader in outdoor heat pump systems and units. In fact, all our units are priced to save you both time and money. With a full range of heat pump split systems, you get the highest quality performance with optimal versatility for your outdoor space. Each product features detailed information on cooling, heating, and split-style systems for maximum convenience, and as always, we are here to answer any product-related questions and concerns. From Goodman AC to Airquest- Carrier, we showcase a full line of heat pump split systems at affordable prices. Goodman continues to be one of the largest manufacturers of light commercial AC units in the USA. Similarly, the Airquest- Carrier brand is cost-effective, energy-efficient and heralded for its heating and cooling performance.

What is a Split System Heat Pump?

Split system heat pumps offer the perfect way to control your climate. These systems are essentially HVAC (heating and air-conditioning) units that use refrigerant as a heat exchange fluid. They are designed with evaporators, condensers, and compressors as separate components. However, in commercial applications, the condenser and compressor are usually combined into a single unit called the condenser. For optimal convenience, our website, HVACDirect.com, features both 3- and 4-ton heat pump split systems. We also carry a fine line of DIY mini-splits from Mitsubishi and other reputable and seasoned brands.

What are the Benefits of a Split System Heat Pump?

HeatPumpSplitSystemAs mentioned above, split system heat pumps allow you to control the temperature in your home or business without issues. When installing a split system heat pump, it is important to keep both cooling and heating in mind. While the heat pump system is an outdoor system, it also has to correlate indoor components as well. According to industry monitors and experts, split system heat pumps far outweigh traditional, bulkier indoor-outdoor HVAC systems. Here are some of the perks of investing in a 3 or 4-ton outdoor split system heat pump:

  • Save Money – These units will save you time and money. Ductless systems operate on less power since they are smaller in size. They also keep desired temperatures constant allowing you to control the climate in desired zones and rooms with digital thermostats. This means no more pockets of hot or cold air in your home or business.
  • Tax Credits – Investing in an outdoor heat pump can earn you tax credits and rebates. At HVACDirect.com, we can connect you to these savings on federal, state, and local levels.
  • Easier to Install and ControlOutdoor heat pumps are easier to install than conventional HVAC units. In fact, the latter, including ductwork and installation, can take several weeks for completion. In contrast, outdoor split system heat-pumps are less intrusive to install as they are ductless in design.
  • Multi-System Convenience – These systems operate on small pipes that simply require a three-inch hole. This means you never have to sacrifice square footage or space when it comes to installing these flexible systems that improve air-quality, energy-efficiency, and overall climate control.
At HVADirect, we are committed to excellence in helping you find the right split-system heat pump for your residential or commercial establishment as evidenced by our extensive range of units from Goodman and other top-rated manufacturers. While we are always here to assist you, one recurring question remains a constant with many existing and returning customers. This, of course, is “where is the best location for my outdoor heat pump unit?” You should always place your outdoor heat pump unit in a shady location where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight. We recommend installing the unit on the side or back of your house. Additionally, do not place any vegetation or shrubbery on or near these units as greenery can be obstacles for proper airflow and circulation. You may also want to invest in a stand-off mounting bracket. These are specifically designed to store and house your outdoor heat-pump unit. However, there must be at least four to five inches of space between the exterior wall and unit. For more information on split system heat pumps, simply contact us today or visit our website.  
March 11, 2019
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