Choosing Residential Air Conditioning for Apartments

Best Air Conditioner for Apartments

If you're a landlord or an apartment owner, then you've probably struggled with limited airflow at some point. By the nature of their design, apartments can't get the same amount of air movement compared to a traditional freestanding home. Not only does this reduce the air quality, but it can also make apartments unbearably hot during the warm spring and hot summer months, causing cooling costs to skyrocket. All of that factors into the process of choosing residential air conditioning for apartments, of course.

To have complete comfort and clear air, consider residential air conditioning systems that are designed for use in apartments. At, you can choose from a comprehensive section of apartment air conditioning systems to get the perfect solution for your building.

What's the Best Air Conditioner for an Apartment?

You may have already considered an air conditioner for your apartment or condo. Looking for the right model can be overwhelming at first with all the different types of air conditioning systems for homes. In addition to the basic apartment window air conditioner, there are categories like ducted split systems and ductless mini split systems. Each system has been designed for specific scenarios and they're not all interchangeable.

When you need an air conditioner to be both effective and efficient in an apartment, ductless mini split systems are the best option. Let's take a look at why they outperform other systems in most situations.

Why Choose Mini Split Residential Air Conditioning Systems?

heat pump split systemThere are a few factors that make mini split air conditioning systems perfect for an apartment. The first is that installation is relatively easy and more affordable. In an apartment or condominium, you may not have access or even permission to install a large ducted air conditioning system. The ductless mini split design doesn't require extensive drilling or wall cutting - only a small electrical line and two copper lines for condensate discharge and refrigerant are used. Because only some minor boring is needed, you might not even need a permit or permission from the property manager to have the work completed.

Some people assume that ductless mini split air conditioning systems are only good for cooling one room. This is simply not true. With the right-sized outdoor unit, you can connect up to nine indoor air handlers that are individually controlled. Of course, this would probably be excessive for most apartments. You would usually be looking at two to three air handlers for a system that covers an entire two-bedroom apartment.

Cost is another factor that makes mini split units perfect for an apartment. Because installation is simpler, costs are kept to a minimum. In fact, a DIY mini split system makes the installation free because you can do it yourself! A ductless system is also less expensive to run because it is inherently more efficient than a large central air system. You'll only ever use as much energy as is needed to cool the room where the air handler is located.

DIY Installation Is Possible, Keeping Costs Even Lower for a Residential Air Conditioning System

If you have some experience with DIY, then you can install a ductless system without the need for a professional. There are systems available that use quick connect lines pre-charged with refrigerant. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process.

Even if you choose to pay a professional for installation, the easy work will result in reduced labor costs. Ultimately, you're going to save money whichever way you go about it.

Find the Perfect Air Conditioning System

You deserve to have a comfortable apartment with clean air. An air conditioner won't just cool the air in your apartment; the filter system will help remove contaminants and excess moisture, making the air safer and more breathable for everyone in your home.

Whether you need a window AC or ductless mini split system, you can find the right air conditioner for your needs at You'll find home air conditioning systems from the biggest names in HVAC that you can buy at wholesale prices with free shipping.

Apartment Air Conditioner Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best air conditioner for an apartment?

In most cases, a window air conditioner or ductless mini split AC is the best option for apartments. They have adequate cooling power for these smaller spaces and require little or no drilling and cutting. In some cases, you don't even need permission from your landlord to install them.

Can you use a portable air conditioner in an apartment?

If your lease doesn't allow window or mini split systems, portable air conditioners are an excellent alternative. These small floor ACs remove heat and moisture from the air using a four-inch tube that can be vented through an open window or door. Our staff can help you find the best portable air conditioner for apartment installations.

What size air conditioner do I need for a two-bedroom apartment?

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends an average of 20 BTUs per square foot(1). For a large 1,000 to 1,200 sq. ft. apartment with two bedrooms, that means an air conditioner with 20,000 to 24,000 BTUs. Add 4,000 BTUs for kitchen installations, and if more than two people often occupy a room, add 600 BTUs per person.

How can I cool my apartment with one air conditioner?

If you only have one AC to cool multiple rooms, you can use fans to move air to adjoining rooms. Floor fans, desk fans and box fans help circulate air as needed. Make sure to close off entrances to rooms other than the one(s) you want to cool, or the fans won't be as effective.

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