Find out if a Split AC System is Good for your Home

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Air conditioning is a comfort for some homes and a necessity for others. As the days grow hotter, it is definitely a better feeling to be in an air-conditioned home than to be scrambling for ways to keep yourself cool. Most people do not give a lot of thought to air conditioning systems until they are direly needed and then choose whatever they can find to cool their home. An air conditioning system can be a major upgrade that adds to the value of your home so it pays to educate yourself on the types of air conditioning systems available before the hottest days of the year arrive. Air conditioning systems come in two varieties, a split air conditioning system where the air conditioning condenser and evaporator coils are housed in two different areas, and a packaged unit where the entire air conditioner is contained in one place.

What is a Split AC System

Split Air Conditioning SystemSplit AC System refers to the way the air conditioning system is set up. A split air conditioning system is a form of central air conditioning that consists of two parts, the outdoor unit, an air conditioner condenser, and an indoor unit, an evaporator coil. The condenser unit uses electricity to take heat from your home and transfer it outdoors, thus making your home cooler. The evaporative coil inside the house is filled with a refrigerant that pulls the heat from the air and cools the air. The unit uses your furnace fans and ductwork to blow air over the coils and then distribute cool air throughout your home. The alternative to a split air conditioner system is a packaged unit such as a window air conditioner or other all in one unit.

What are the Pros and Cons of a Split Air Conditioning System

Split air conditioning systems have many benefits when added to your home. The most noticeable difference between split and contained systems is size. Split air conditioning systems are generally three times the size of a contained unit, which is why the split unit is arranged as it is. The size of split air conditioning systems allows engineers to create very energy efficient units, vastly more so than you would find in an all in one unit. Splitting the system allows the condenser units to put in a variety of places, thus you can choose an out of the way place on the outside of your home for this part of the system to be. Split air conditioning systems are exponentially easier to maintain and repair if something should go wrong. Because the system is not required to be compact, parts can be accessed easily for upkeep. An additional bonus of a split air conditioning system is that they are quieter on the whole than any packaged unit air conditioning. The only readily apparent con of a split air conditioning system is that some people choose to put parts of the system is very out of the way and hard to reach places, such as in the back of an attic.

Is It Worth Adding Air Conditioning to My Home

Adding an item to your home that provides comfort raises the overall quality of your life. Adding a split air conditioning system is a major upgrade that not only improves your quality of life but adds to the overall value of your home. A home with a split air conditioning system, especially in a climate where temperatures tend to climb in parts of the year, is going to be more appealing to potential buyers. Adding air conditioning to your home also reduces the number of allergens and pests that make their way into your home. Most of all, you will have a dependable system in place to keep your home temperate in the most extreme of heat waves. You will not be scrambling to figure out how to keep yourself and your family cool as the hottest days of the year loom before you.  
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