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Fire Pit Tables from The Outdoor Greatroom Company

Here at, we are proud to feature gas firepit tables by the Outdoor Greatroom Company. Their Brooks Rectangular Gas Fire Pit Table is easy to care for and maintain. Its signature composite deck top and base add a modern, warm look to any outdoor space. This unique model is elevated at 12x24 inches with a Crystal Fire Burner that is safe and will dazzle your loved ones and guests. If you are looking for the perfect outdoor gas firepit table, this one is it!
4 years ago
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How Air Conditioner Condensers Save You Money

We all love air conditioning in the summertime, nothing feels greater than that cool temperature cooling down your home. However, we all love that cooling down the temperature in summer except when we see our electric bill! Yikes! The air conditioning systems we grew up with extreme energy suckers and we usually paid a hefty price for the cooling comfort they delivered.
4 years ago
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Air Filters

4 years ago
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How Air Conditioner Condensers Make a Difference

Air conditioning or AC is the method of eliminating heat from a closed surface, hence cooling the air and eliminating humidity. Air conditioning works in both industrial and residential environments. You'll discover your air conditioner has numerous vital components and the ac condenser is one of them.
4 years ago
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What is an Air Conditioner Condenser?

Air conditioning is an incredible invention, one we are all thankful for. AC, as we know it today, was first devised in 1902 by a young man named Willis Carrier. It is said that he stood on a train station platform in Pittsburgh, peering into the fog. Suddenly, he realized he could dry air by passing it through the water to create fog. But even into the 1930s, air conditioning was used only in movie theaters and other luxurious places, but it was not until the 1950s, in the post-World War II economic boom, that residential air conditioning became popular. Suddenly, more than 1 million air conditioning units were sold in 1953 alone. By the 70s, window units were losing their popularity as the central air was developed. The units consisted of a condenser, coils, and a fan.
4 years ago
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Save Time and Money with a Pre-Charged Line Set Mini Split AC Condenser

Pre-Charged Line Set Mini Split Benefits

If your air conditioning needs at home are modest, then you don't need to go for the largest air conditioner condensers on the market. Luckily, there are several effective solutions for smaller homes and single room installations.

One of these options is pre-charged mini split air conditioners that help you save time and money. Since they don't require ducting or refrigerant charging on-site, choosing them makes installation and operation much easier and more convenient. In many cases, you can connect your indoor and outdoor AC equipment and start cooling off a room without hiring a technician. Installing a pre-charged line set mini split system can be done by a DIYer to save money.

Installing ducting is extremely expensive, so a great way to save and get efficient heating and cooling is to find the best pre-charged mini splits for sale at Let's explore the benefits of these DIY ductless mini split systems and why they could be perfect for your installation.

4 years ago
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Find out if a Split AC System is Good for your Home

Air conditioning is a comfort for some homes and a necessity for others. As the days grow hotter, it is definitely a better feeling to be in an air-conditioned home than to be scrambling for ways to keep yourself cool. Most people do not give a lot of thought to air conditioning systems until they are direly needed and then choose whatever they can find to cool their home. An air conditioning system can be a major upgrade that adds to the value of your home so it pays to educate yourself on the types of air conditioning systems available before the hottest days of the year arrive. Air conditioning systems come in two varieties, a split air conditioning system where the air conditioning condenser and evaporator coils are housed in two different areas, and a packaged unit where the entire air conditioner is contained in one place.
5 years ago
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