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Everything You'll Wish You Knew About DIY Ductless Mini Split

When it comes to HVAC, you've got so many options available to you. Something that's becoming more popular in recent years is the ductless mini split system. These have lots of benefits to the homeowner, and they'll keep you at the right temperature all year round. Now, many are choosing to go the DIY route and install it themselves. Does that sound good to you? Here's everything other DIY-ers have wished they'd known before they started.
4 years ago
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Save Money On A Ductless Mini Split By Doing It Yourself

You can truly save money on a ductless do it yourself (DIY) mini-split system. In fact, we feature a wide array of DIY mini-splits for home and business owners. These units are designed to secure optimal heat and cooling balance. They also have user-friendly instruction for timely installations and performance. Similarly, these units require no special tools or training and are guaranteed to secure year-round comfort for homes and businesses. From the DIY 36K and DIY 12K to the DIY 24K series, is truly your source for the best DIY ductless mini split systems on the market today.
4 years ago
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Is a 'Do it Yourself' Mini Split a Good Idea?

DIY Mini Split System Benefits

Is a DIY mini split a good idea? If you're a little handy and like a home project, do-it-yourself mini split units are a great fit for the home or office. At, we feature a full range of DIY mini split systems for optimal heating and cooling balance. These units are designed for user-friendly installations and require no special tools or training. Because the lines for the system are pre-charged and don't require any vacuuming, mini split units can be installed without the need for a professional.

4 years ago
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What is a DIY Mini Split?

HVAC Direct is your source for the best in DIY Mini Split systems. DIY ductless Mini-Split units are designed for easy do-it-yourself installation. In fact, you do not need special tools or training to install these dual heat pump and AC components for year round comfort. At HVAC Direct, we are proud to offer the DIY 24K, DIY 12K, and DIY 36K series for your units and convenience. With detailed product listings and user-friendly instructions, you should not problems installing these accessories to ensure optimal heat and cooling during seasonal months. As always, we are here to answer your product questions and help you every step of the way.
4 years ago
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