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4 Reasons Why Boiler Systems are GREAT!

First, we should know what a boiler does in an HVAC system. A boiler heats water sometimes to the point that it turns to steam and then pumps that hot liquid/gas through a piping system that runs throughout your house. These pipes will usually have heat dissipating fins located at key locations inside of floor registers that keep you from brushing up against it. This process of metal objects heating the air around it is called Radiant Heating.
3 years ago
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Refrigerants Used in HVAC Equipment

Let us start by defining what a refrigerant is. A refrigerant is a substance that in many cases is a fluid that is used to cool a space in the refrigeration cycle. The main purpose of refrigerants is to absorb heat and then use phase change thermodynamic phenomena to release it into another space. In other words, the fluid will change into a gas when it absorbs the heat and turn back into a fluid once it has released it.
4 years ago
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