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Best Outdoor Gas Fireplace

When looking for an outdoor gas fireplace most consumers are looking for an authentic look without having to spend the additional costs in having a mason build the fireplace from the ground up. Most consumers also want options. The Majestic Courtyard Fireplace line is a factory-made fireplace that can be installed into a framed cavity that is built outdoors. It does not require a chimney but has to be installed in an open area (see the installation manual).
3 years ago

What is Fire Glass?

Fire Glass is granular tempered glass that is tumbled and either left in rough irregular shapes or tumbled smooth into beads or droplets. It is generally placed on in and around a fire pit burner or in an existing wood burning fireplace to replace a gas log set and grate. Instead of the fire traveling upward through lava rock or up through gas logs, it trickles up through the glass and reflects off the glass. If you are not sure what type of gas fireplace you have it is a good idea to ask to make sure you can use Fire Glass. It can be used in pre-made gas fire pits (if approved by the manufacturer) and in fire pit burners made by companies like Hearth Products Controls. Hearth Products Controls (HPC) manufactures burner kits that include a pan, a burner, and a way to control the gas. The body of the fire pit is constructed on site to match the existing landscaping.
3 years ago

What is the Best Direct Vent Fireplace in 2019?

This is a tough call because there are a lot of quality fireplace manufacturers out there to choose from. From Majestic, Kingsman, Napoleon, Superior, Empire fireplaces. The list goes on. The most common size of gas direct vent fireplace sold is a 36”. This is the size we will be looking at for this competition.
3 years ago

What is the Difference Between a Fireplace Insert and a Built in Fireplace?

There are several different types of fireplaces and several types of fireplace inserts. The primary difference is that a fireplace insert is an appliance that can be installed into an existing wood burning fireplace to make it more efficient. A built in fireplace is new installation into a home where you do not already have a fireplace. There are inserts that burn wood, gas with a direct vent system, and gas inserts that do not require a vent.
3 years ago

What Does Direct Vent Mean?

Direct-Vent Technology describes a gas burning appliance and how it uses two pipes, often one smaller pipe within another larger pipe, to both exhaust the appliances flue gases and bring in fresh air that it uses for combustion. They are one of the safest, most convenient, and most popular ways of adding a gas fireplace to your home. The area where the fire takes place, often called the combustion chamber, is sealed with a glass panel and gaskets that are protected by a safety barrier screen. This allows you to enjoy the view of the fire, prevents fumes from coming into the home, and prevents already heated room air from escaping out the chimney.
3 years ago
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