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Which Furnace is Best for You?

With the cold season necessitating an effective way to keep your house warm, you need to decide which heating system is right for you. Heating options range from gas furnaces, electric furnaces, wood furnaces, and coal furnaces. The wide variety of options available can confound some homeowners, and in truth, no one heating solution fits all situations.
3 years ago
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Which Is Best? Electric Furnace or Gas Furnace?

These days you have plenty of choices when it comes to your home heating systems. Choosing a system that uses the fuel that's right for you, can save you time and money. The two most common choices for furnaces are either electric or gas powered. Which one is best, and which is right for you? Here's everything that you need to know.
3 years ago
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A High-Efficiency Furnace Can Save You Electricity and Money

Goodman electric furnaces are high-efficiency units that truly save you time and money.  These electric heaters provide optimal warmth and comfort for homes and businesses during icy, frigid winter months. If your existing furnace is on the brink, simply browse our extensive inventory to buy a top-rated and affordable high-efficiency furnace today.
4 years ago
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Electric vs. Gas Furnace

Shop electric furnaces from brands like Goodman with and get wholesale pricing and free shipping! These high-quality/highly-efficient electric furnaces offer reliability unmatched by other comparable furnaces. An electric furnace is typically paired with an air conditioner or heat pump system to provide backup heat. The choices available to homeowners, in terms of heating equipment, are continually and expanding! And, while it can be overwhelming when you are purchasing a new furnace, that’s a GOOD thing. There are models that suit every budget, every comfort demand, and fuel type.
4 years ago
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Keep your Home Warm this Winter with an Electric Furnace

Staying warm is essential for all living things. From plants and animals to humans, we need to stay warm, and our survival is dependent on it. For the longest time, the fire was the only way to keep warm. People and their animals slept outside next to a campfire. Native Americans built their teepees and longhouses around the campfires that warmed their homes.
5 years ago
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