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How Wood Heat Stoves Are Better for the Environment

When looking for a stove heating system, there's a lot to consider. You need to think about the looks, the value, and even the environmental impact. Recently, attitudes towards energy usage have changed, and millions of Americans are more conscious of their environmental impact than ever before. In fact, many consumers now consider the energy efficiency of their heating system the most important element, even above how good it looks.
March 15, 2019
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Gas and Wood Stove Heating Systems for a More Comfortable Home

There’s nothing quite like ending the day with family in front of a warm glowing stove. Keeping your home comfortable with a stove heating system is easier than ever with modern developments in both gas heating stoves and wood burning systems. The problem for many homeowners is knowing which type of system to buy. The secret to answering this question is knowing that there’s no real ‘best’ solution, but only a solution that is right for your home and your unique needs.
February 11, 2019
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Heat Your Home Without Electricity: Purchasing A Wood Heat Stove from HVAC Direct

At, we offer an extensive range of wood heat stoves at affordable prices. These units guarantee warm, toasty homes during frigid winter months. As a reliable heating source, they require no electricity and come in a variety of styles to match your property’s décor.
January 5, 2019
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Improving Wood Stove Efficiency

A wood stove is one of the best ways to keep your home warm this winter. If you don't already have one, now's the time to have one installed. Here are some of the best ways to keep your wood stove working at peak efficiency and keep your home warm and cozy this winter.
December 13, 2018
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How to Use Gas Heaters for Your Home

Keeping your home warm in the deep winter months means more than just getting any type of heating solution to warm up your home. You need a gas heater that will heat your home without using any electricity! In other words, you need a Goodman gas heater! We keep houses warm and toasty during the cold and chilly winter months.
November 28, 2018
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Wood Stoves vs. Gas Stoves

With cold weather approaching fast, perhaps it's time to consider your home's heating options. If you're keen on installing a wood or gas heat stove, you must consider various characteristics so you can make an informed choice.
October 22, 2018
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Four Reasons A Modern Family Should Own A Wood Burning Stove   

Gas heating stoves are designed to keep your home or business nice and toasty. No truer is this than during those frigid and icy winter months. These units require no electricity and are a dependable and reliable power heat source. They also come in traditional and modern designs, which correlate with your home or office décor.
September 5, 2018
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How Air Conditioner Condensers Save You Money

We all love air conditioning in the summertime, nothing feels greater than that cool temperature cooling down your home. However, we all love that cooling down the temperature in summer except when we see our electric bill! Yikes! The air conditioning systems we grew up with extreme energy suckers and we usually paid a hefty price for the cooling comfort they delivered.
August 14, 2018
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How Air Conditioner Condensers Make a Difference

Air conditioning or AC is the method of eliminating heat from a closed surface, hence cooling the air and eliminating humidity. Air conditioning works in both industrial and residential environments. You'll discover your air conditioner has numerous vital components and the ac condenser is one of them.
July 12, 2018
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What is an Air Conditioner Condenser?

Air conditioning is an incredible invention, one we are all thankful for. AC, as we know it today, was first devised in 1902 by a young man named Willis Carrier. It is said that he stood on a train station platform in Pittsburgh, peering into the fog. Suddenly, he realized he could dry air by passing it through the water to create fog. But even into the 1930s, air conditioning was used only in movie theaters and other luxurious places, but it was not until the 1950s, in the post-World War II economic boom, that residential air conditioning became popular. Suddenly, more than 1 million air conditioning units were sold in 1953 alone. By the 70s, window units were losing their popularity as the central air was developed. The units consisted of a condenser, coils, and a fan.
June 3, 2018
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