What is an Air Handler and How Does it Work?

What is an Air Handler and How Does it Work?

The Air Handler: An often misunderstood part of your home HVAC system, we’ll explain what an air handler is and how it works. We’ll also walk you through the different heat pump and electric air conditioning split systems that use air handling units and how they differ from a gas furnace system.

An Air Handler is the indoor unit that circulates the conditioned air throughout the house that comes from an outdoor ac unit that is most often a heat pump condenser. A part of an all electric system, an air handler unit consists of an evaporator coil, blower motor, and usually an electric heat strip. It also can accommodate additional electric heating elements and a dehumidifier. The major difference between a gas furnace and an air handler is that the furnace uses natural gas or propane to heat the home and an air handler is all-electric. In addition to explaining how an air handler helps central heating and cooling systems work, we also walk you through how to shop for a new air handler: From determining the size and specs you need to how to select and order your air handler online.

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Posted 11/8/2019