Why Gas Fireplaces Need an Annual Inspection

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Since gas fireplaces are easy to maintain and burn clean, some homeowners presume that they don’t require an inspection. While it's true that they're low maintenance and efficient, it's also a fact that any appliance can become problematic if you neglect it. That's why we recommend a yearly inspection of your fireplace. It's just as important to clean your gas fireplace inserts annually because of the hard work they put in with every use when heating your home. We recommend you schedule an inspection every spring. This way, you'll have a flawlessly functioning appliance throughout the year. Here's a list of benefits you can expect from an inspection.


FireplaceInsertYou should have the entire fireplace cleaned yearly and made ready for use another year. At times, debris accumulation needs removal such as when ceramic logs deteriorate and block the vents. In the event that moisture enters the chimney, it's likely that flue tiles could chip off and fall into the hearth. This indicates a serious moisture issue, which could generate the need for replacement or repair of the flue lining.

The outside and inside of the fireplace glass also need cleaning. However, it's important that you follow the manufacturer's instructions and only use the recommended tools to clean residue.


It's dangerous to presume that a gas fireplace is functioning as it should yearly. Over time, the thermocouple and thermopile could wear and require cleaning. Additionally, valves and connections could develop leaks, or the placement of your ceramic logs might not be proper, leaving them in less than a good functioning condition. Keep in mind that any malfunctions or leaks in a gas fireplace make your home vulnerable to unexpected fires and even explosions.


Animals, such as birds and other small creatures can get into the chimney and create a nest that hinders proper ventilation for your fireplace. If your chimney falls into a state of disrepair, it could affect the entire system. Ultimately, without proper cleaning the ventilation could fail, exposing your household to deadly carbon monoxide. We recommend you incorporate carbon monoxide detectors in your home as these fumes are tasteless and odorless. Without sensors, you won't be able to detect its existence until it's too late.

What Occurs During an Inspection?

During an inspection, our technicians will initially examine the exterior by ensuring the glass isn't cracked, chipped, or dirty. While looking for debris or dents, we'll also examine the internal gas ignition beneath the log structure and ensure it's lighting flawlessly. Additionally, we'll also ensure the log set isn't deteriorating. After conducting a routine check, we'll inform you of any necessary repairs and be glad to address any concerns you might have concerning your fireplace or fireplace insert.

Fireplace Inserts

Gas inserts offer the heat and comfort of a wood-burning fireplace while maintaining superiority in the following ways:


You won't need to deal with buying, cutting, or hauling logs. In addition, you won’t have to worry about cleaning the chimney or fireplace. It's also easy to stop and start the fire.


A gas fireplace usually comprises a safety shutoff that prevents gas from leaking into your home. Additionally, the fire can't be too big. Wood-burning fireplaces generate creosote-an oily, sticky substance in the chimney creating the ever-present danger of a chimney fire.

Energy Efficiency

Fireplace InsertWood fireplaces are not only inefficient but also wasteful. On the other hand, electric fireplace inserts are more efficient, permitting you to have the ambiance of a fireplace indoors while keeping you and your house warm.


The inserts for your gas fireplace don't burn wood, so they don't produce outdoor and indoor smoke pollution, which is associated with asthma and other severe medical conditions.

Easy to Use

Typically, gas fireplaces are easy to use. You can turn on a gas insert at the touch of a remote control or switch. You could even install a programmable or wall thermostat to regulate the flame. As a result, you'll be in a position to maintain a certain temperature in any room. You can even control the modern thermostats with your tablet or smartphone. Gas burning fireplaces provide numerous conveniences such as low maintenance. However, potential issues still exist, so it's imperative you schedule an annual inspection.  
March 26, 2019
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