Heat Your Home Without Electricity: Purchasing A Wood Heat Stove from HVAC Direct

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At HVACDirect.com, we offer an extensive range of wood heat stoves at affordable prices. These units guarantee warm, toasty homes during frigid winter months. As a reliable heating source, they require no electricity and come in a variety of styles to match your property’s décor. Wood-based stoves continue to receive great industry ratings and customer reviews due to their dependability, which ensures optimal warmth and relaxation for homes and businesses of all sizes. The crackling sounds of wood stoves are also relaxing and perfect for family holiday and social functions.

Benefits of Investing in a Wood Heat Stove

At HVACDirect, we showcase a myriad of wood heat stoves at amazing prices, guaranteed to keep you and yours comfortable year-round. All units have passed stringent tests and meet strict requirements, which ensure optimal functionality, usability, and performance. With detailed product listings, images, and price comparisons, you can easily purchase the wood stove of your dreams at our online store. As always, we are here to answer any product-related questions or concerns. Some of the benefits of purchasing a wood stove today include:
  • Wood stoves save you time and money while preventing soaring heating bills. They are incredibly energy-efficient as they do not require electricity to operate.
  • Modern wood burning stoves and furnaces produce a smokeless burn which guarantees great heating without harmful odors, ash or residue.
  • Wood continues to be a reliable source of heat. It is also very affordable and a stable and renewable heating source.
  • Wood-based stoves last for years and are not affected by rising fuel prices.
Some of the top wood stove brands we feature at HVACDirect.com are:
  • Breckwell- multiple wood stove versions available
  • Buck Stove Model
  • Osburn 1600 Wood Stove
  • Vogelzang – multiple wood stove versions available
At HVACDirect, we Wood Heat Stoveremain committed to excellence in all our products and services. From pellet and multi-fuel to wood-based heat stoves, we carry a comprehensive line of top-rated and affordable stoves for your property. As mentioned earlier, with our knowledge and experience we can help you make a worthwhile and informed decision about the right wood stove for your home or business However, if after discussing your options, you find that a wood stove is not for you, we also carry many other varieties of stoves to choose from in our online shop, including:
  • Multi-fuel Stoves
We feature top-brand name multi-fuel stoves for your convenience such as United States Stove Company, Breckwell, and many more. Multi-fuel stoves are rated for 40,000-50,000 usage which is just as high, if not higher than most conventional HVAC heating systems and portable brands. Multi-fuel stoves have heralded the world over for their superb craftsmanship, performance, and energy savings across the board.
  • Pellet Stoves
Pellet stoves are great for effectively heating your home. They are also easy on the eyes, and very cozy for family and casual living rooms. These units are similar to traditional wood-burning stoves; generating radiant heat to warm your living space. However, instead of burning logs, they burn wood pellets. Pellet stoves are also equipped with electronic blowers, which help distribute heat across your home or office. With this in mind, these units must be installed near electrical outlets.
  • Gas Heat Stoves
Gas stoves are an excellent investment for your home or business. Like wood stoves, these units can also heat your property without electricity. They are dependable and guaranteed to produce powerful, comfortable heat. Additionally, their style and craftsmanship enhance the look and décor of any room you place them in. While gas stove parts are cheap in price, they are never cheap in quality. Why spend money on heat pump condensers and traditional furnaces when gas stoves are both cost and energy-efficient? At HVACDirect.com, we offer an excellent line of gas stoves for your convenience.

The HVACDirect Difference

HVACDirect is proud to feature versatile alternative heat sources for your property. With the latest in heating stove brands, parts, and accessories, our online store is always open for new and returning customers. From Ashley Hearth Products to Pro Com and Buck Stove, we also showcase the latest in vent-free stoves for your home or business. With a growing inventory that is consistently updated, why go anywhere else for your heating needs? For more information on wood heat stoves, simply contact us today or visit our website.  
January 5, 2019
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