All About Wood Pellet Stoves for First Time Buyers

All About Wood Pellet Stoves for First Time Buyers
If you’re looking for an efficient and affordable way to warm your home, wood pellet stoves are an option you should consider. Modern stoves are easier to use than ever before, with hopper systems that enable a constant burn to keep temperatures comfortable. If you haven’t purchased a wood pellet stove before and want to learn more about the technology, the advantages, and even the safety, this is the guide for you.

What Are the Benefits of Using Wood Pellet Stoves to Heat Your Home?

Although pellet stoves might look like traditional wood stoves, they’re actually quite different. While wood stoves primarily burn raw firewood, pellet stoves burn highly efficient manufactured pellets. You might have some hesitation when considering pellet stoves because people often associate them with the inefficient wood stoves of the past. There’s also a misconception that pellet stoves are bad for the environment. However, the pellets used in modern wood pellet stoves are more energy dense than firewood, and they’re also more environmentally friendly because they’re made from recycled materials and byproducts from the timber and agricultural industries. Additionally, high-quality wood pellet stoves often have energy efficiency ratings as high as 80-85%, which makes them comparable to electric and gas heating appliances. In reality, pellet burning stoves are a great option when you want to reduce your carbon footprint. Not only do they used recycled materials that would otherwise go to waste, but they burn so clean that they don’t require regulation by the EPA.

Wood Pellet Stoves are Safe to Use

You wouldn’t be a responsible homeowner if you weren’t concerned about safety. It’s understandable that you want to know all the most important details about a heater that uses combustible materials.

Pellet stoves are significantly safer than traditional wood burning models. The exterior surface of the stove remains cool while in use and the heated air is channeled into your home from specially designed vents. Built-in fans are used to make the heat distribution more efficient, which is quite different from traditional wood stoves that simply radiate heat from every surface. Exhaust gases from the combustion are routed out of your home through a special exhaust, so you will always have clean air. You can purchase modern wood pellet stoves with automatic ignition systems, and they can be integrated with thermostats, making them just as convenient as electric or gas furnaces. You simply couldn’t find anything comparable in a traditional wood burner. Safe to use, cool to the touch, and no direct interaction with the combustion chamber makes a pellet burning wood stove one of the safest heating solutions available today.

Are Pellet Stoves Always the Best Option?

We’ve discussed how pellet stoves are easier to use and more convenient than traditional wood stoves, but there are still great options for wood burners that use modern designs and manufacturing techniques. The choice ultimately comes down to your needs. If you live somewhere where you have easy access to firewood, or even if you want to use manufactured firewood, then a wood burning stove could be a good option. Remote homes, holiday homes, cabins, lake houses, and other similar examples could be perfect for traditional wood-burning stoves. If you live in a suburban area where you might not have access to firewood year-round, or if you simply prefer the idea of an automated hopper system compared to a wood burner, then a pellet stove is the obvious choice. A pellet stove will ultimately be more convenient and safer, and that’s one of the biggest considerations for most families.

Choosing from the Best Wood Pellet Stoves on the Market

If you want a selection of the best pellet stoves on the market, it’s time to start exploring the range at HVACDirect. As a leader in home heating, air conditioning, and ventilation, we make it our business to offer the hardest working units at the very best prices. Whatever it is you’re looking for in home heating, we have you covered with the best units from America’s favorite manufacturers. Enjoy a warmer, dryer, and safer home by considering wood pellet stoves today.  
November 16, 2018
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