Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Turn your patio into a pizzeria with an outdoor pizza oven. When you order from us you get wholesale prices, free shipping, and expert customer service. Shop our outdoor gas pizza ovens, outdoor wood burning pizza ovens, and DIY pizza ovens in a number of styles and configurations. If you need help selecting the right pizza oven or have questions about a pizza oven you ordered with us, contact our NFI Certified Specialists. Our great selection, experience, and passion for good pizza separate us from the competition.


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We’re proud to be a distributor for USA-built Chicago Brick Oven, which has quickly become the godfather of all the domestic brands. We also carry gorgeous stainless steel Summerset outdoor pizza ovens at budget-friendly prices.

Chicago Brick Oven Chicago Brick Oven started in 2006 with three neighbors who wanted a backyard pizza oven they could share and found that they couldn’t get one without ordering from overseas distributors while paying freight charges and sky-high import fees. They decided America could do a better job producing and shipping these units, so they began the Chicago Brick Oven company.

Outdoor Pizza Oven DIY

The homeowner surrounds the prefabricated oven component with, brick, stucco, brick pavers, stone, or any structurally robust non-combustible material. Site preparation is a key to success.

Gas Pizza Oven Installation of a gas-fueled oven should ideally be undertaken by a licensed installer.

*Refractory cement is superior to clay-based cement because it contains calcium aluminate fibers that refract (reflect) the heat.

Countertop Pizza Oven

Mobile Outdoor Pizza Oven If you need your pizza oven to be portable, this is the kit for you! The Chicago Brick Oven mobile wood burning oven rolls on its own heavy-duty cart, which doubles as a wood rack. The steel on this unit is powder coated, ensuring long life and durability for the exposed metal parts, and the wheels are sturdy for heavy loads. It ships with a scaled-down version of the oven dome and stove pipe parts.

Summerset Grill’s Outdoor Pizza Oven Summerset Grills makes beautiful, high-gleam stainless steel outdoor pizza ovens that bring opulence and cooking performance together. They are ready to install right out of the box. You can order a countertop model that rests on your outdoor countertop or a freestanding unit. These can be converted to either LP gas or propane, and the performance is outstanding – 16,000 BTUs from high-volume stainless steel burners. The exterior metal is 304 stainless steel – the best you can get on a consumer level.

Additional Information For more information, you can download free PDF files for most of these models. Proper installation and assembly of these units is crucial for safe use and ultimate cooking results. These PDF files describe the product in detail, provide step-by-step installation, and site prep procedures. Our customer service team is supremely well-trained. Our representatives can provide information, offer advice, and assist with the order process. HVACDirect.com has over 8,000 verified customer reviews with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

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