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Dual Fuel Package Units

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Save Money and Space: Extreme Energy Efficiency without taking up valuable indoor space.

A dual-fuel system is actually a three-way heating and cooling system that uses both electrical and gas. It features conventional air conditioning in the summer, a heat pump in the winter and a gas furnace for when temperatures plummet below freezing, giving you the most efficient system available.

Goodman package units are self-contained, needing only a few connections for airflow, gas (natural or propane) and power. They can be mounted outside on a concrete slab at ground level or on a roof. No interior air handler is needed. Already priced affordably, the dual fuel efficiency helps you save money, greatly adding to their value for the homeowner or business manager.

*Looking for a Propane Furnace for your Packaged Unit? Don't forget to add-on the "Propane Conversion Kit" to your order.

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  1. 2.5 Ton 14 SEER 80,000 BTU Goodman Dual Fuel Heat Pump and Gas Package Unit - Front Right
    Goodman 2.5 Ton 80,000 BTU 13.4 SEER2 Dual Fuel Heat Pump and Gas Package Unit - 6.7 HSPF2
    Model: GPDM33008041
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  2. 3 Ton 14 SEER 80,000 BTU Goodman Dual Fuel Heat Pump and Gas Package Unit - Front right
    3 Ton 13.4 SEER2 80,000 BTU Goodman Dual Fuel Heat Pump and Gas Package Unit
    Model: GPDM33608041
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No matter the season or temperature, the Goodman Dual Fuel System seamlessly selects the right fuel source for the need. In summer, the AC delivers cost-efficient comfort when temperatures are soaring. Then in the fall and winter, the heat pump takes over, working in reverse to bring warm air into the house.

But when the temperature drops below 35 degrees, the heat pump struggles to keep up. With all-electric systems, the system can switch to an electric furnace with a conventional element, if so equipped. The heat is nice, but the electric meter is quickly spinning. To the rescue comes the dual fuel system, which switches over to gas heat when the need arises.

We proudly offer Goodman dual fuel heat pump packaged units. Goodman is an industry-changer in the HVAC field, offering quality, USA-made products at low prices. They triple-test every unit before it loads out for shipment, and their innovations make them a leader among heating and air brands.

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