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Furnace And Central Air Packages - Air conditioner with heater combos make a perfect solution for homeowners with limited space. These highly-efficient, low-priced Goodman furnace and central air packaged units offer the utmost in reliability and an outstanding warranty.

Our furnace and central air packages come in a range of options. Check out the different BTU options along with the overall capacity or tonnage of the system you need. Feel free to look at the specs and also make use of our compare feature to ensure you make the right choice in your next purchase of a packaged furnace and central air unit.

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Packaged furnace and air conditioning systems give you the comfort you need while not taking up valuable indoor space. There may have been a time when options for this type of system were limited, but not anymore, especially when you contact HVAC Direct. We carry a wide range of AC heater combos - also known as packaged units - and one will make a perfect match for your home or business!

You’ll save money from the very beginning, because we sell Goodman brand AC systems, which are already famous for high satisfaction, great performance and low cost.

A combination heating and air conditioning system puts a standard gas furnace in the same steel cabinet with the AC condenser. This sits outside the residence – either on the roof or on the ground - and provides all the heating and air conditioning needs from that one central location.

This setup is great for cold climate residences where there just isn’t enough space for an indoor air handling unit. Don’t think of this as a compromise. It’s a brilliant solution to a common need.

One of our expert advisors can guide you in your selection. Our units range from two tons to a whopping five tons, so regardless of your unique heating or air conditioning need, we can meet it!

Goodman products rank among the world’s best in terms of reliability, yet offer world class value in both initial cost and maintenance over the life of the product.

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