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Perfect Aire 15,000 BTU PTAC Heat Pump with 3.5KW Electric Heater


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The Perfect Aire PTAC is a great replacement unit for older PTAC units that need to be replaced as well as a good PTAC choice for new construction. The Perfect Aire PTAC offers an excellent energy efficiency with a sleek design.

Energy Efficient

The Perfect Aire PTAC combines Energy Efficiency Ration (EER) as high as 11.9, AHRI certification and UL listing to provide one of the best overall values on the market. Multiple heating and cooling temperature range options allow facility owners to optimize user comfort while reducing energy consumption.


The unit has memory. If power is lost, all of the control settings (mode, fan speed, on/off and configuration) are remembered. When power is restored, the unit will start back up in the mode (and configuration) it was in when power was lost. Automatic Evaporator Freeze Protection To keep the evaporator from freezing when the evaporator temperature is too low, the compressor is automatically turned off and indoor fan is turned on.

Atomized Condensate Dispersion

While in the cooling operation condensation is removed as the fan blade draws up and throws water directly onto the outdoor condenser coil. The water is atomized and evaporated through the condenser achieving rapid evaporation and increasing cooling efficiencies.

Compressor Restart Delay

Designed to prevent short-cycling of the compressor, this feature extends overall compressor life by providing a minimum three minute delay to allow for equalization of refrigerant pressures and optimized cycling.

High Temperature Protection in Heating Operation

The compressor and/or electric heater will be switched off to prevent damage where high indoor air temperatures are present or if an error is detected by the indoor temperature sensor.

Automatic Evaporator Freeze Protection

In the event the evaporator temperature is too low and in order to keep the evaporator from freezing, the compressor is switched off automatically and the indoor fan is switched on. Once the evaporator temperature is normalized this function is turned off.

Golden Fin

The GOLDEN FIN coated hydrophilic condenser can improve the heating efficiency by accelerating the defrosting process. The unique anticorrosive GOLDEN FIN coating on the condenser can withstand the salty air, rain and other corrosive elements.

Closed-Cell Elastomeric Insulation

High performance insulation provides exceptional energy efficiency and acoustic performance.

Previous Model Number: 1PTH15A-3.5

Product Specifications

More Information
Perfect Aire 15,000 BTU PTAC Heat Pump with 3.5KW Electric Heater
SKU 3PTH15A-HE-3.5
Weight (in lbs) 140.000000
Brand/Manufacturer Perfect Aire
Cooling BTU 15,000 BTU
Heating BTU 13,500 BTU
Maximum CFM 423
Decibel Level (dBA) 66 db
Electric Heat 5 Kilowatts
Energy Star Yes
Refrigerant R410A
Electrical 230 V. 1 Phase 60 Hz
Max Breaker Size 20
Amperage Requirement 15.3
Tonnage 1.25 Ton
Height 16"
Width 42"
Depth 21"
Warranty 30 Month Full Replacement
Resources You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents.
Safety Information PROPOSITION 65 WARNING


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Questions and Answers

Customer Questions
My 15000 BTU PTAC heat pump comes with 5kw heat but only a 20 amp cord/plug. My math says should be at least 30.
You may be mixing up the model number for your PTAC. 3PTH15A-HE-5.0 is the 5kW model that has a 30 amp cord. 3PTH15A-HE-3.5 is the 3.5kW model with a 20 amp cord. If there is still something you need clarification on, it may be best to call us and talk everything over with one of our experts. They should be able to help you figure this out.
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Why Choose a Perfect Aire Product?

Why Choose Prefect Aire?

Perfect Aire ductless mini-split air conditioners and heat pumps are the cutting edge of what modern, flexible fabrication can produce. These mini-split systems rely on state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and advanced design to deliver high efficiency.



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