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PTAC Units

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We carry a large selection of PTAC units (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners). These PTAC units are a single, commercial grade, self contained unit that is installed through a wall and often found in hotels, condos, and apartments. These units typically can both heat and cool and can be used in both new construction and replacing old PTAC units.


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If you require a heating or cooling HVAC system that needs to be isolated to a small area, such as a single room, then a PTAC Unit may be exactly what you need. These units allow you to adjust the temperatures of an individual room as you see fit. PTAC units are self-contained heating and cooling units that do not require duct work.

If you’re not familiar with a Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner or PTAC Unit, they’re more common than you might think. PTAC units are usually found in hotels, apartment buildings, hospitals and senior living facilities, to name a few places. And while they are excellent for commercial use, PTAC units also make great additions to homes, too. A PTAC Unit cools a by the unit’s compressor pumping refrigerant through the coils, which attracts warm air, which is then pushed outside. To heat an area, the process is reversed.

Typically, PTAC units come in a standard size of 42-inches wide and are more energy-efficient than standard window units. PTAC units are best for small areas and for locations that experience a moderate climate.

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