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VTAC Air Conditioning Units

If you’re looking for an efficient cooling option that is neither seen nor heard by your guests or residents, the vertical terminal air conditioning unit, or VTAC, is an option you will want to consider. A VTAC is essentially the vertical design of a packaged terminal air conditioner, or PTAC. Everything is kept together in one internal unit, and the airflow is vertical.

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While the PTAC and VTAC options may seem fairly similar, the VTAC provides a more homelike feel, perfect for multifamily communities or high-end hotel rooms. Framed into a closet, these units remain unseen except for registers built into the walls for airflow. And because VTACs are efficient and unobtrusive, residents and guests feel the comfort without even recognizing the unit’s presence.

These units are often found in apartments and hotel rooms, where they are sometimes subjected to misuse. That possibility is factored into the design of these remarkable units, resulting in features including:

  • Compressor restart delay, which guards against short-cycling of the compressor and high temperature.
  • High temperature protection, a safety feature that shuts the unit off when excessive indoor temperature is present.
  • Automatic evaporator freeze protection, which shuts off the compressor if the evaporator temperature is too low.

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