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A modern freestanding gas or wood heating stove can be a great alternate source of heat that also slashes your utility bill.


Heating stoves from HVACDirect.com offer plenty of choices for environmentally-friendly heat. Take your pick from a great lineup of gas heating stoves for sale as well as wood stoves, pellet stoves, multi-fuel stoves and cast-iron stoves. Whichever free-standing stove you choose, you will get a great deal thanks to our wholesale pricing and free shipping.


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Free-standing stoves are an efficient way to heat your home without using any electricity. The home heating stoves we stock provide a dependable and powerful heat source while enhancing the look of your home. Stoves can be placed nearly anywhere in the home and can act as a dependable backup source of heat when the power goes out, too.

We sell several types of stoves depending on your needs at the lowest possible prices. Wood Heat Stoves are the most eco-friendly option with many homeowners using them for zone heating. A Pellet Stove allows for more temperature control than a regular wood stove and burns more efficiently, but does require electricity to operate the hopper.

Want the look and function of a wood stove without the mess? A Gas Fireplace burns propane or natural gas, producing better heat output with a less complex ventilation system. If you live an extremely cold climate, Cast-Iron Stoves retain heat longer than steel and are more durable. Add some flexibility to your home heating with a Multi-Fuel Stove that can burn several different carbon-based fuels.

When you buy a heating stove from HVACDirect.com, you're buying a reliable heat source that will bring comfort and warmth to your family for decades. Our inventory includes stoves from leading brands such as Buck Stove, Napoleon, Empire and Osburn. Call or use instant-chat to learn more about each free-standing stove type.

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