Industrial Air Circulator Fans

Cool down your commercial space with a new industrial circulator fan made by the top manufacturers for HVAC circulation & ventilation. We offer commercial ceiling fans, portable floor fans, wall mount fans, and much more. Now more than ever, proper ventilation of workspaces is crucial for employee comfort, health, and productivity.

We carry the most respected brands in the field of air circulator fans. Take advantage of our wholesale pricing, free shipping on most items, and fast shipping with delivery in less than a week on most orders.


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Commercial electric fans come in a variety of sizes, orientations, mounts, fan blade pitch, and motor options. Below are four primary categories that should help take some of the confusion out of the process:

Industrial Ceiling Fans

Slow-turning but capable of moving massive quantities of air, these industrial fans for warehouses and other commercial buildings operate up high and out of the way. The blades are huge – as large as 24 feet long – and are shaped for maximum air flow per turn.

Most of our industrial ceiling fans are Hunter fans, produced by the most recognizable name in the industry. We also carry Canarm fans, maker of the innovative Tri-Lite line of circulation fans.

Industrial Floor Fans

We have large industrial fans for sale, as well as smaller fans for special purposes. We are a distributor for Hartzell and Triangle Fans, makers of premium quality barrel fans, pedestal fans, and portable fans. These are primarily used for worker comfort at floor level.

Airflow capacity for these fans is impressive. The larger fans can produce up to 30,000 CFUs (Cubic Feet Per Minute), which not only helps control the heat, but provides extra circulation to eliminate fumes and toxins in an enclosed environment (although they are not considered corrosive air products). Most of these units are direct drive for advanced motor efficiency and quiet operation. Most are portable with bottom-mounted wheels to make transporting easy.

Pole & Wall Mount Air Circulator Fans

Pole and wall mount air circulator fans provide a dual benefit of cooling and circulation. With numerous mounting options and the ability to pivot and tilt the fans to your preference, these fans can resolve a number of issues in commercial workspaces.

Some of the compact fans can be utilized in spaces that don’t need a lot of circulation. For more open spaces, where heat lingers oppressively, we have fans capable of moving over 40,000 cubic feet of air per minute. Talk to one of our expert customer service representatives to learn more about our commercial wall mount fans.

Bucket and Destratification Interior Fans

A destratification fan is typically suspended from a ceiling or mounted on a tall pedestal and remixes the air from ceiling to floor. Stagnant air stacks into layers with the warmest air at the top and coldest air at the bottom, so having a destratification fan helps maintain a more consistent temperature.

When mounted near cold air registers, high volume bucket fans help distribute the conditioned air where it’s needed and keeps air from stacking into layers.

We carry top-quality bucket fans from Vents-Us, a premium manufacturer of ventilation products. Our inventory contains fans with several mounting options, capable of moving air at up to 2,000 cubic feet per minute. has over 8,000 verified customer reviews with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

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