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If you are looking for residential exhaust fans or supply fans, look no further than Inline fans are a great option for reducing noise in the room you’re venting or exhausting. These remote-mounted exhaust fans are typically located within the ductwork in the attic or roof space, opening up additional air extraction possibilities. Whether you’re creating an inline system or just need a replacement residential exhaust fan, you’ll enjoy big savings thanks to our low wholesale prices.

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There are many benefits to using an inline fan for your HVAC system. It will create less noise in the room while allowing use of a higher-powered fan than is typically available for ceiling or wall fans. You can also set up multiple intake points for rooms that require a lot of ventilation. For these reasons, residential inline fans are a popular way to vent bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, shops and even the entire home.

We have a large inline fan assortment from leading manufacturers such as Fantech and VENTS-US. They come in many sizes and airflow capacities for your needs. A small 100-150 CFM exhaust fan is often adequate for powder rooms and half-bathrooms. Giant 1,000-2,000 CFM remote HVAC fans, meanwhile, are great for workshops and large kitchens.

You’ll also want to know your duct diameter before you shop. Make sure to select the right size so your inline fan fits snugly without rattling or coming loose. You’ll find fans made of plastic or metal that have a generous warranty. Choose a centrifugal, mixed-flow or axial fan depending on whether volume or pressure is more important.

Not sure which type of exhaust fan is best for your application? Just call us toll-free, email us or use instant-chat. Our friendly expert sales staff and certified HVAC technicians will help you find the right product or answer any questions.

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